When is it Time to Replace Your Patio Door?

When is it Time to Replace Your Patio Door
October 26, 2018 Doors 2 Comments

When is it Time to Replace Your Patio Door?

Access into your home is often associated with your front door, which makes sense as this is the entrance to your home which guests will likely see first. Your patio door though is equally as important, this is your personal gateway to your backyard oasis.

Like anything else in your house, nothing lasts forever, and that includes your patio door. Having an old and faulty patio door can negatively affect aesthetics, security, functionality and energy efficiency. So with that being said, it is important to look for the signs that may point to you replacing your patio door.

The Door Becomes Difficult to Open

If you are finding it hard to open and close your patio door, your first course of action should be to clean the track and lubricate the door. Sliding glass doors should smoothly glide side to side when you open and close them. If cleaning and lubricating don’t do the trick, this is a sure sign that it is time for a replacement patio door.

Water is Coming into the House from the Door

Similar to windows, the seal around your patio door wear down over time and is starts to lose its effectiveness. If your door begins to develop condensation, you notice dripping from the wall close to your door or even worse, puddles developing around your patio door, it is likely time to replace your door. Repair is also an option, but once the seal fails, your energy efficiency is now compromised and repair will not help your energy bills.


You Feel a Draft Coming in

Over time, gaps begin to develop around your door due to natural wear and tear. The gaps may not lead to moisture coming in, but you way begin to feel drafts of air coming in. These gaps will also leak air out, which in turn will increase your energy bills. This is a sure sign that it is time to replace your patio doors.

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Cosmetic Damage / Outdated

Although cosmetic damage is not a necessity to replace, especially if the previous 3 points are not present, having an aesthetically looking patio door should still be a prideful reason to replace. If your glass door has scratches or chips, or maybe the door is just outdated, consider updating the look of patio door. Remember, this is the gateway to your oasis, treat it as such.

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