Different Ways to Accessorize Your Windows

Different Ways to Accessorize Your Windows
January 15, 2019 Windows 1 Comment

Different Ways to Accessorize Your Windows

Windows have always been an important part of the household. They have existed even before glass was in usage and instead of glass people put cloth, animal skin and leaves. In the Middle Ages, having windows a luxury. People in Amsterdam were taxed by the number and size of windows they had in their home. Today, windows are available to anyone and each of them can be uniquely decorate by your own choosing.

Here are 4 ways you can decorate your windows to add an extra unique touch to your household:

1. Change the Frame

An interesting way to give your house or room a new look is to simply paint the window frames. You can make it a strong, dark shaded color or something that is in contrast to your interior. On the inside you can also add glitter or glue little decorating pieces to your frame such as flowers, crystals, seashells, overlays, etc.. You don’t have to worry about the contrasting colors though, after painting simply put a few items around your room matching the color of your window frame to create a fresh, modern look for your interior.

2. Make Your Own Curtains

This is an amazing way to do something creative for your household and a great way to engage in a group or family activity. You can do whatever you like and go crazy by sewing small decoration pieces or coloring a part of your curtain material making it gradient. The materials you need are an old clothing piece or a sheet with a pattern or style you like, scissors, and a sewing kit. You can also use the huge amount of YouTube tutorials to get inspired and channel your creativity even further.

3. Put Unique Blinds

The word blinds is boring by itself, but the words bamboo, botanical or abstract give it an interesting twist. Buy blinds with a unique colored design, you can have them custom made or printed. There is no line you shouldn’t cross in choosing your theme. It can be from an old pirate map to a picture of your dog. You can also order or make some blinds with cut out shapes and let the sunshine uniquely make its way in to your room.

4. Go Back in Time 

If you want a more vintage looking room, you can add some cool looking shutters to your windows and enjoy the view while traveling back in time. There are a variety of shutters with different patterns, colors and historical backgrounds, but putting a simple white shutter will do the trick too. You can put text on it with quotations and thoughts that you find inspiring or leave it blank. Either way it will give your room and house the appropriate elegance.

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