Energy Efficient Upgrades That Will Save You Money

Energy Efficient Upgrades That Will Save You Money
January 28, 2019 Doors, Windows 1 Comment

Energy Efficient Upgrades That Will Save You Money

Nowadays, a lot of people are focusing their attention on energy efficiency. An energy efficient household, is not only a major house value boost; but it is also the greenest and smartest way to go. We do not realize how much money we can save up with energy efficient upgrades.

Here are the 4 energy efficient upgrade that will save you money:

1. Upgrade to A Smart Thermostat

A new product which is overflowing the market is the smart thermostat. It is a device that controls your home temperature, of course guided by your preferences while doing so.

If you aren’t home, you get email updates on your home temperature. If you forget to turn off an electronic device in your home before you go out, just log in to the special account you will have for your smart thermostat and give the turn off/ turn on instructions from there.  

This means that you can control the heating in your house even if you are thousand miles away. It can also easily detect your presence in the house and if you are not there it will automatically turn off the heating or cooling devices. Its primary purpose is to maximize comfort while using minimum energy.

2. Upgrade Your Lighting

A good way to save money on electricity bills is to upgrade your lighting. You can do this by organizing your home. Putting mirrors around your rooms, especially across windows; or even replace the types of windows and doors.

Installing French Doors or casement and picture windows will help broaden the views from your home and allow more sunlight to come in. Next thing you know, a room which was dark and looked more like a basement will become a classy area where you can relax and read a book without turning on the light switch.

Another good way to upgrade your lightning is switching to LED bulbs. They last longer than the regular (incandescent) ones and use less energy to provide the same amount of lightning. Light bulbs are more expensive, about 2$ more; but can live to about 50 000 hours. The regular bulbs live to see 1200 hours. We leave the rest of the math up to you.

Note: Use solar energy for lighting your garden and other exterior areas. For example solar panels for your security lights.

3. Renovate Your Attic

The heating goes upward and usually the attics in our homes aren’t well furnished or insulated. Research shows that attic insulation shrinks you energy bills by 20 %. If you have an older home you must do this since attics weren’t much focused on in the earlier days. This isn’t an expensive investment either, since a 12 inch thick insulation layer for a 500 square foot attic costs approximately 200 dollars. Consider the amount of money you’ll be saving up.

4. Replace Windows and Doors

You should consider replacing your windows and doors if you have high electricity bills. If they are old, rusty or lower quality then, it is probably time for door or window replacement. 

They play a big role in home insulation. If your windows and doors aren’t properly installed or are made of less energy efficient material then they let the heat (in winter) or the cool breeze (in summer) out of your house. Think of replacing your windows and doors.

Vinyl and fiberglass are great material for energy efficiency. Another option to upgrade this area of your home is sealing and insulating. Put weather strips or caulking around your windows/ doors. Either way, you are going to save money by doing easy upgrades.  

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