5 Reasons You Should Choose a Vinyl Door Over a Wood Door

5 Reasons You Should Choose a Vinyl Door Over a Wood Door
February 5, 2019 Doors 1 Comment

5 Reasons You Should Choose a Vinyl Door Over a Wood Door

When renovating your home, you should carefully choose the new elements you want to be installed. Door replacement is a big thing since the quality of your door can determine the safety of your home, the style of your entryway and in some cases the money you have to spend on energy bills. So, which one to choose, wood or vinyl?

Here are 5 reasons why a vinyl door should be your choice over a wood door:

1. Low Maintenance

While wood brings a certain classy look to your home, it is also a material that requires regular cleanups and repair. Is harder to get dirt and grime trapped in a vinyl door. This makes the door material easier to clean, just by using water and soap. Also, vinyl is very little to none in danger of termite attacks. Wooden material is the most popular in the world of the termites.

2. Life Span

Vinyl has a longer life span than wood. This is because of the higher resistance to outside conditions as termites, weather, dirt, and rot. The best thing about vinyl is that it doesn’t need to be repainted and repaired. It installed only once and stays that way until it loses its primary functions (some 20-40 years later). By having fewer malfunctions than wooden doors, vinyl is always ensuring that you have a properly insulated home.


3. The Price

Vinyl doors are much cheaper than quality wooden doors. Because vinyl recently became a popular choice for window and door material it is also more easily and quickly found and distributed. Take in mind their difference in price, maintenance, the possibility of replacement and you will find out that you can buy two vinyl doors for the price of one wooden door.

4. Increase Home Value

Because of their benefits, vinyl doors are constantly gaining popularity. Potential home buyers are obsessed with recent trends, energy efficiency, and resale value. This means that they are obsessed with vinyl as well. Everyone wants low maintenance and high energy efficiency. Vinyl provides us with these important qualities, that’s why is a big value increaser.

5. Safety

Whether it is wood or vinyl if your door is professionally installed and made of quality material than you are probably safe. But it is a known fact that wood is less impact resistant than vinyl. That’s one of the reasons why it has a shorter life span. To break a vinyl door, one must put in a lot more force than he must put in breaking a wooden one. Wood is stylish and traditional, but is it safe enough for your home?

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