Knowing When to Replace Your Windows

Knowing When to Replace Your Windows
August 15, 2018 Windows 0 Comments

Knowing When to Replace Your Windows

Recognizing that your windows need replacement is much easier than you think. There are a lot of signs that indicate window replacement. You just need to turn around your home and check if there is unwanted air breeze, furniture damage or high electricity bills.

Here are the common indicators for window replacement, followed by some recommendations on appropriate and modern window materials.

Difficulties Opening

When homeowners have troubles with opening or closing their windows it usually means that there are problems with the window hardware. It can be a warped sash, an internally damaged frame or a badly repainted window. Besides improper air circulation and insulation, this problem is also a fire hazard.

The advantages of sliding and hung windows is that they require less maintenance and thus have longer lifespans. This is because they have sashes which tilt inwards.

Bad Performance

One of the most common reasons for high electricity bills is drafty windows. In the cases of improper window material or installation, there appears to have significant air leakage. With time, the sash and the seal of the window start to lose functionality.

With having drafty windows, you are basically signing up for higher electricity bills. This can result in water leaks as well, which are the main contributors to mold growth.

Condensation & Mold

Condensation and mold can cause serious damage to our home and our health. They can lead to allergies and asthma attacks. Mold and condensation usually occur in homes with poorly installed or functioning windows. This is because of unwanted water leaks and improper air circulation.

Knowing When to Replace Your Windows

With time, professional window makers have thought of solutions for this problem. For instance, a warm-edge Super Spacer resists condensation. This is accomplished by a dual-seal system which seals moisture and vapor along the glass edges, preventing further damage from entering or happening to your home.

High Bills

If you find yourself constantly complaining about the cost of the electricity bill, it is time to check your windows, particularly the sash and frame material.

We all keep on hearing about energy efficiency, what does it truly represent? Energy efficient windows are made out of materials that reduce heat transfer to a minimum and maintain comfortable temperatures within the interior of your home.

Bad Soundproofing

The best soundproofing windows are made out of many internal air chambers and have double or triple paned glass, sealed with airtight. Energy efficient and well-installed window will prevent excess air flow and it will dampen unwanted noise.

So, if you are wondering about the quality of your windows, check the amount of noise they transfer to the home. Malfunctioning windows will make the neighbour’s dog sound even louder than it is.

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Single-Pane Windows

The problem with single-pane windows is that they are an old insulation system. These days everybody buys double or triple pane windows. The more panes of glass you have, the better insulation for your home. To ensure you have the best multiple paned windows, insulated it with argon or krypton gas.

To conclude, having a single-pane, wooden-frame window is like having a home made out of straws. So, when the wolf comes out in winter, it will be much easier for him to blow down your house.

Faded Carpeting & Furniture

Proper insulation also applies to UV lights. If your house is frequently exposed to sunlight and if you have poor window insulation, then furniture, carpeting, and artworks will start to fade and lose their primary shine. This happens because UV lights can break down the chemical bonds of organic materials.

The best precaution is having low emissivity glass. It blocks unwanted UV lights from entering the home. Low emissivity glass with Cardinal CG glass can block up to 95% of UV lights without damaging the quality of the window view.


If your windows require frequent and complicated maintenance, then it is time for their replacement. Windows made out of vinyl do not require repainting or frequent maintenance. It is a material that is commonly chosen by homeowners that want energy efficiency and as less maintenance possible. The unplasticized polyvinyl or has extremely high resistance as it also blocks UV lights without the dangers of cracking and blistering.


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