Window Care and Maintenance

Window Care and Maintenance
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Window Care and Maintenance

Vinyl windows are known best for their practicality and low maintenance. However, if you want your vinyl to look the same as the day you got them, you should occasionally show them some care by following this simple maintenance guide:


The best time to clean your window glass is on a cloudy day. This is because sunlight dries up the cleaning product too quickly which results in having unwanted residue stains on your window glass.

Glass is easy to clean. The only thing you need to do is choose between a standard glass cleaner and a mild detergent. After choosing, you scrub the cleaning product on the window glass and around the frame with a paper towel or a soft cloth. Remember to use microfiber or chamois cloths and towels for getting perfect, undamaged, stainless glass.

Window Care and Maintenance


Fortunately, vinyl doesn’t require repainting and regular repair, but you cannot do it any harm if you occasionally scrub vinyl with soapy, warm water. To avoid damaging its surface, restrain yourself from using abrasive cleaning material, high-pressure washers, and strong cleaning products like nail polish remover, furniture cleaner, and chlorine bleach.

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Window screens have the nasty habit of collecting dirt and debris. A simple hose spraying at medium or low water pressure and a soapy sponge or soft brush will help you clean your screens up. After you are finished with the cleaning, remember to rinse with water and wipe with a soft cloth. With this, you will get rid of any extra cleaning agents and fully prepare the area for window reinstallation.




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