Window Replacement vs. Retrofit

Window Replacement vs. Retrofit
November 15, 2018 Windows 0 Comments

Window Replacement vs. Retrofit

Realizing you need window replacement is easy, when taken into consideration the benefits it brings such as energy efficiency, proper air circulation, and mold growth prevention. The decision on which homeowners usually get stuck in choosing between retrofit or full replacement.

First and foremost, you need to learn the difference between retrofit and full replacement. With the latter one, you replace your whole window including the sash and the frame. While with retrofit you get to replace only the sash of your windows. This is a less expensive way to freshen up their looks and quality.

To determine whether the house needs retrofit or full replacement, it is best to consult with the experts. Until you do so here is some additional, useful information on the subject.

When to Go for a Full Window Replacement

Frame Issues

A full replacement is common for households which have issues with the window frame. Sometimes, particularly in the case of wooden windows, the frame can get damaged either by rot, mold, old age or pesticides. Full replacement for windows with damaged frames prevents mold from spreading on the walls of your home and also ensures better energy efficiency as well as functionality.

Desire for Energy Efficiency

Full replacements guarantee more comfort and lower energy bills. You will be replacing the windows with materials which have longer lifespans and significantly increased quality. This is because window makers and distributors always work on finding better solutions for issues concerning energy efficiency.

With buying superior airtight seals, you are basically agreeing to have maximum comfort and protection from those unwanted air breezes. Each window product you choose must be Energy Star certified. We offer products that exceed the Energy Star guarantee and make your lives even more delightful.

Window Replacement vs. Retrofit

Upgraded Style

With replacing windows, you are giving a new look to your home. Windows are a big part of curb appeal and well-made ones are known to increase it, along with increasing home value. To choose the perfect window you must take in mind its design, trim, corner blocks, color and PVC jam extensions. Every item on that list and everything else you might have thought of, you can find in our local store.

When to Go for a Window Retrofit

Frame and Trim are Working Fine

If your frame and trim are in good conditions, then retrofit is the best choice for your home. With going this way, you are saving up on some money and becoming more energy efficient at the same time. Retrofit is also known as insert or sash-only replacement. It is highly recommended for older homes which want to preserve their original look and historical value. This is because, with a retrofit, the trim and frame aren’t replaced and remain intact.

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Glass Replacement

A good way to make the windows more energy efficient while also lowering the budget is glass replacement. This is recommended for homes which have undamaged frames, sashes or trims but have low-quality glass. This is also a smart choice considering the number of new innovations in the field of window glass.

For instance, the newest product on the market is low emissivity glass. It is known for improving comfort, cutting unwanted UV radiance up to 95% and extremely high energy efficiency. Another situation in which you must change the glass of your homes is if you have single-pane windows. The more panes windows have, the more energy efficient they are.


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