Tips on Improving the Air Quality in Your Home

Tips on Improving the Air Quality in Your Home
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Tips on Improving the Air Quality in Your Home

Having the freshest possible air in your home is a key to comfortable living. This is because contaminated air can cause mold, pesticide and rotted doors, windows or furniture.

People are often times sensitive to these uninvited home guests and can be extremely irritated by them. Allergies, asthma attacks, fungal infections are pretty common for homes with low air quality.

1. Clean Ducts & Air Conditioner

First of all, you must do regular ventilations and air refreshments. This is easily done by opening your windows and doors at least twice a day. Apart from letting new air breeze to enter the home, you must ensure its proper quality and circulation by going on a duct cleaning venture.

The air that enters your home, travels through the ducts and air conditioner filters. If your AC or ducts haven’t been regularly cleaned, they probably have dirt, mold and debris built up inside. Also, pesticides can infest these areas and infect your air with dangerous bacteria.

2. Clean Home & Furniture

With time, dust and dirt can build up on your furniture, carpet or pillows. To prevent massive build-ups and allergy attacks, make sure to regularly clean the parts of your home.  You should also choose your furniture carefully as some pieces are made with cheap and non-eco friendly glue that releases toxins into the environment.

This also applies for home renovations, as some products like specific paints, sealers and cleaning products can contaminate the air with toxins. Check for the content of each product, to prevent harmful additives from entering the home.

3. Use Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are the next best thing to cleansing aroma candles and sticks. Besides looking extremely stylish, these lamps are also very beneficial for our health and well-being. Basically, they are large, thick masses of Himalayan salt which also have a light source on the inside.

People with frequent asthma attacks and allergies have stated that Salt Lamps helped them in time of need with reducing symptoms.  They do this by fighting the positively charged particles of contaminated air by producing and emitting negative ions.

4. Detoxifying House Plants

Other than being visually pleasing, plants also detoxify the air in your homes. Buying houseplants and placing them inside will provide you with extra oxygen and better air quality. This is highly recommended for everyone except those people who are prone to having allergies and asthma attacks.

Before you choose the type of plant you want to buy, it is best to do some allergy tests and consult with experts. Here are some of the best home-detoxifier plants: Bamboo palm, English ivy, Gerbera Daisy, Warneckii Dracaena and Mass Cane or Corn Plant.

5. Window Replacement

Sometimes, especially in older homes the windows trims, frames or sash can rot and damage over time. This makes wooden windows the perfect environment for moisture and mold growth. These can lead to water leaks, floods, wall cracks, allergies, respiratory issues and extremely higher electrical bills.

Windows and doors are the main insulators for your home. They also ensure protection from outside pollution and weather conditions. Having the newest and strongest windows provides fresh, uncontaminated air all year round, no matter the conditions outside.

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