When Can You Pair Curtains and Blinds Together?

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When Can You Pair Curtains and Blinds Together?

Choosing curtains or blinds can be a hassle for any new homeowner since the way our home looks and feels is something we take pride in. Your home should reflect your personality and windows have a key part in that as they are among the first things you notice coming in.

Curtains or blinds each work well for privacy control and light blocking on their own, but when paired together they can add texture, depth and increase functionality in your window setting. Don’t get ahead of yourself, there are still a couple of rules you should follow when combining these two pieces together. Here are some of them:

Choosing the Blinds

When you’ve already made the decision of taking this step in home decoration, the first thing you should do is choose the blinds first as they provide the backbone of your window and won’t physically interfere with your drapes later on. There are several types of blinds, but Venetian and roller blinds are best paired with curtains considering how they look and operate. They will provide a solid background for your curtains so you can experiment with colors and textures.

Choosing the Material

One of the most common materials used for blinds is timber if you decide to opt for this option, choose a warm colour curtain to tie in the whole look. Don’t pair prints with prints, as this looks clustered and could throw off the whole look of the room. A common mistake in home renovating is choosing metal curtain rod since its shiny and reflective surface can distract the view.

Increase Room Size

One less known secret of this pairing is that when done properly it can make your room appear larger. The way to achieve this is by using Roman-style shades and installing them a couple of inches below the ceiling, which in turn, will make the window appear taller. The final step to achieving this look is where the curtain rod comes in, hanging above the blinds and about 20 inches beyond the actual window.

Coziness is Essential

Another thing Roman blinds are good for, when paired with the right drape, is making the entire room look more cozy, welcoming and warm. Fullness, richness and warmth is something every home should strive for and layering curtains over roman blinds easily pull this off. Combining the plain solid colour of a roman blind with the elegance of a sheer line drape will definitely add a natural fullness to the room and nicely frame the window setting.

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