Things Overlooked When Finishing a Basement

Things Overlooked When Finishing a Basement
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Things Overlooked When Finishing a Basement

Basement renovations are usually fun as homeowners awake their creative and innovative side. Finishing a space and incorporating aesthetically pleasing details such as custom printed pillows or neat window blinds is more than one can dream of, but that dream can soon turn into a nightmare if a homeowner overlooks these important parts of finishing a basement:

Windows & Exits

Usually, people decide to tidy up the basements if they plan to rent the space out or make additional room for living and entertainment. This is a smart investment as adding any kind of square footage significantly increases home value. To make sure that the new living area set in your basements has all of the comforts of a normal living area, try to consider installing windows wells and window replacement or adding a second exit. Egress windows provide larger amounts of natural lighting and second exits for the basement. They are accompanied with window wells which if done correctly increase flood prevention and aesthetic value.


Depending on laws and countries, renovating a space may need approval from the local government or municipality. After getting the permit and finishing your basement, an authorized representative from your municipality can conduct inspections. This is beneficial for you as you’ll get to find out if your basement needs further improvements. Not investing time in getting a permit can result in legal fees and significant reductions in a home’s value. Homebuyers want everything to be by the book and legal


Before you start renovating it is necessary to consult with experts such as plumbers, electricians and constructors. Camera sewer inspections are usually done before any type of renovation, to see the condition of your sewer and drainage system. You may not even know it but tree roots, cooking oil, toothpaste and pesticides can cause the drains to clog or god forbid even break. These inspections will keep you on the ground with driving your focus to the practical parts of home renovation.

Basement Waterproofing

A fully done basement isn’t of use if soon after the renovation floods and wall cracks start to appear. No house is safe from unwanted excess water unless it has passed the procedure of basement waterproofing. Installing a proper basement waterproofing system isn’t cheap and can last to a couple of days, but there are major benefits of basement waterproofing that cannot be compared to anything else. Apart from flood prevention, basement waterproofing has many other benefits such as lower energy bills, improved health and prevention of structural damage.

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