Does Replacing Windows Add Value to a Home?

Does Replacing Windows Add Value to a Home?
April 2, 2019 Windows 0 Comments

Does Replacing Windows Add Value to a Home?

The smart way to live is to constantly upgrade your home. No one knows what the future will bring, and adding value to propriety so it can be flipped for later is the smartest thing one can do. There are tons of renovation projects with high ROI and one of them is window replacement. Here is some information and tips for deciding whether you need new windows or not:

The Numbers

When people talk about value, they usually talk in numbers and statistics. To shine more light on this subject, here are some recent statistics which show the numbers involved in window replacement:
• 40% of energy spending is due to heating and cooling costs. If your windows are old and loose, they will significantly increase that percentage.
• New windows with Energy Stars annually cut approximately 15% of your electricity spending.
• Vinyl sliding windows have a return investment of 89%
• And the typical ROI for window replacement projects is 73-75%
• 90% of homebuyers crave for energy efficiency and curb appeal.

The Benefits

Besides compelling real estate stats, new windows offer many other benefits. In fact, experts suggest avoiding making renovation solely for value increase. The way a renovation influences our daily lives until we completely sell is equally important. Here is how new windows make our lives better:

• Energy Efficiency – Old windows fade and deteriorate with time. This is why in older homes there are unwanted breezes and water leaks. With purchasing new windows or repairing the old ones, you get a guarantee for high efficiency. Draftiness will never pose a problem to you since the tight locks, efficient glass and resistant materials new windows have to ensure a comfortable and care-free environment.
• Curb appeal – These days, homebuyers are mainly looking for efficiency and curb appeal. So window replacement increases efficiency, but what about exterior looks? Rot, cracks, faded colors … all of those reduce aesthetic value (and efficiency). When you buy new windows, with authentic style who complement the house, you immediately refresh curb appeal and grab the attention of curious eyes or potential buyers.
• Health & safety – Apart from retaining heat, windows also protect us from excess water. If you have a loose sealant, interior condensation or cracks in the frame, you also have a large potential for health hazards such as mold growth and pesticides. These are known for causing asthma attacks, allergies, and respiratory infections. Having new windows is also a safety measure as the tighter lock, the less chance for burglars and intruders.

Tips on Replacement

Does Replacing Windows Add Value to a Home?

The reasons why you should replace the windows are obvious, but every house is different and requires different measures. Some homeowners increased value just by repainting or partial replacements (retrofit). However, these homeowners didn’t have loose frames and window leaks, so if the windows are extremely damaged and near death – window replacement is highly recommended. Be wary though since if you choose the wrong type, material or glass for your new upgrade, you might end up doing your home’s value more bad than good. This is why before you decide to purchase and upgrade your windows, schedule a free consultation and insight from trained experts.

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