What Window Treatments are Easiest to Clean?

What Window Treatments are Easiest to Clean?
April 10, 2019 Windows 0 Comments

What Window Treatments are Easiest to Clean?

Wondering what kind of window treatments to purchase? Great job since you are in the right place! Maintenance is a key factor of deciding whether to choose curtains, blinds, shades or shutters. Here is what each of them will require on cleaning day:

What Window Treatments are Easiest to Clean?


One would think that curtains are the easiest to clean. Take them down, wrap them up, put them in the washer, then in the dryer and voila – clean curtains! However, if not done correctly, cleaning the curtains can end in a disaster! Curtains are the most gentle window treatment out there and when not treated with proper care, they deteriorate with fading and losing insulator qualities.
There are some fabrics that require tender maintenance and those should be taken to a professional cleaning service. Additionally, tougher fabrics might not get damaged during a home wash, but they will surely lose authenticity and quality after 40 in the dryer.


The second place for gentle window treatments goes to shades. The fabric from which shades are made of is usually very specific and requires professional maintenance. Those shades with high UV resistance and insulation are those you’d have to treat with the utmost care. One wrong move and it will cost you the entire shades, creating them into a mainstream regular fabric.
So before you turn them into T-shirts and edgy skirts, ask about the most appropriate cleaning methods. Each shade is different so the cleaning agent your grandma has used in the 60s, might not have the same effects today! Who knows, you may be one of the lucky ones since some shades are easily cleaned solely with a vacuum or damp cloth.


And the second place for the easiest treatments to clean goes to blinds! They are usually made from wood or aluminum. This makes them very easy to clean since no washing and drying is required. A vacuum cleaner, damp cloth and occasionally a cleaning agent will make your blinds shine like never before! But remember, as shades, blinds have many types and each requires different cleaning methods. So the agent you applied to faux wood might not be ideal for vinyl.


This window treatment deservingly has the first place for easiest to clean window treatments. Usually, shades are combined with other treatments like curtains. What they have in maintenance and efficiency, they lack in practicality. To properly clean your shades, you’d just have to turn on the vacuum and take a damp cloth or sponge. Most shutters are made from wood, so they need regular and careful maintenance. If the wrong cleaning agent is used, the wood will fully deteriorate.

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