How Can I Brighten Up My Living Room?

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How Can I Brighten Up My Living Room?

Lots of homeowners have insufficient amount of natural light in living rooms. Whether because of poor window glass or orientation toward North, this problem should be immediately solved. Research shows how people who lack contact with sunlight have more inclination towards mental instabilities like depression and anxiety. This is why the countries with the biggest amount of depression cases are those with less sunlight like Norway and Denmark.

To help you out, here are some practical and highly efficient ways to improve natural light in your home:

Patio Doors

Most living rooms are connected with outdoor spaces like decks and patios. The best way to connect these two areas is to install patio doors. This way you’ll increase practicality and natural light since most patio doors are made from glass.
Interior designers usually recommend sliding doors. Because of their large size and because of the way they are operated, sliding doors are the number one option for brightening up the house. They are also pretty flexible for indoor-outdoor traffic and make moving furniture a hell of a lot easier.

New Windows

Unfortunately, most homeowners tend to underestimate the power of windows. The window’s type and material have a large impact on your comfort. Besides influencing your energy spending and air flow, windows determine the quality and amount of natural light in the home.
When homeowners start their window replacement project, they don’t mind Energy Ratings and focus only on aesthetics. Ratings like VT (visual transmittance), SHGC (solar heat gain) and R-value (the ability to retain and absorb heat) show buyers how the window will act toward sunlight and energy loss. If VT and SHGC ratings are higher, then the window will let more light inside, brightening up the spaces and increasing comfort.
Additionally, the number of windows you have also influences the amount of natural light. If you have small windows or ones placed in corners, you won’t get enough light. This is why people choose bay or bow windows for living rooms. They create an additional living space and significantly brighten up the area. Some homeowners even decide to install skylight windows. Placed directly on the ceiling, these are also great for providing authentic and stunning views.

What About Treatment?

Yes, besides the window type, the type of blind, shade and curtain also has an impact on natural light. Heavier window treatments reduce sunlight on the inside. To protect privacy, homeowners usually choose these heavy-weight, dark window treatments. But little do they know, there are types of treatment which at the same time protect privacy and allow sunlight to enter.
Amazingly practical and flexible window treatments are cellular shades and permeable blinds. These two open from bottom to top, as well as from top to bottom, creating a funky pattern in the living room. To protect privacy, you will cover the bottom part of the windows, and natural light can enter from the top.

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