Do New Windows Increase Value Of Home?

Do New Windows Increase Value Of Home?
May 6, 2019 Windows 0 Comments

Do New Windows Increase Value Of Home?

Of course, they do! Homebuyers love energy efficiency and curb appeal. They know that new quality windows will cut down energy spending by 15%. Do not underestimate your buyers by only repainting the frames. Window replacement definitely increases home value, but you need to do the project wisely.

Here is everything you should know:

Do New Windows Increase Value Of Home?

Return on Investment (ROI)

So most homeowners don’t know how truly important windows are. And nobody blames them since compared to basement waterproofing and insulation, window replacement sounds like a laugh. However, real estate statistic shows otherwise.
The renovation projects with the highest ROI in 2019 are those connected to energy efficiency and curb appeal. With new windows being one of the top 5 renovation projects, choosing it is the smartest way to go. If wisely done, new vinyl windows can have an ROI of 82%. This means that on average, new vinyl added $12 000 to the value. Add a great realtor in the mix and those numbers can go much higher.

Good Advertisement

The most important thing about getting the most value out of your home is a good advertisement. Every renovation project will go unnoticed if you don’t mention it. Good realtors know that if someone renovates the windows, the whole world should know about it.
Another benefit of good selling and advertisement is the upper hand you can get on negotiations. If someone tries to lower the price because of a leaky pipe or a cracked door, you can immediately mention the new windows and the whole room will go silent. Start flashing those warranties into the mix and the buyers will beg for your home. But why do new windows have such an influence on buyers?

The Benefits Of Replacement

Windows are the soul of your home. Having amazing insulation or good climate won’t save you if the windows are old and damaged. Poor windows result in mold growth, termites, draftiness, leaks, condensation, UV damage and most importantly very high energy bills.
The exact opposite side-effects come from new and Energy Star windows. Upgrading them will result in quality soundproofing, increased comfort, lower spending, flexibility, proper ventilation, more natural light, and UV protection. No moisture or mold will visit your home and everything will stay nice, warm and dry. Besides increasing your home’s value, replacing the windows will significantly improve your daily lives.

Should I Choose Window Replacement?

Even though new windows increase value, some homeowners do not actually need it. If you have new and properly functioning windows, invest your money in simple repair and other projects. On the other hand, if the windows are old or have any of the signs for damage, schedule a free consultation and get expert advice on whether you need replacement.

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