Best Ways to Add Privacy to Your Home

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Best Ways to Add Privacy to Your Home

Is your home visible from outside and you want to add some degree of privacy? Are you searching for the best ways to enhance the privacy of your home? Do not stress out; we have prepared a guide to help you add privacy to your home.

1. Plant Hedges

If you want to protect your home from the prying eyes of passers-by, you can plant privacy hedges along the border of your landscape. However, you should consider the municipal regulations as per their height. Meanwhile, you should take care of the hedges by making them well-trimmed for a curb appeal.

2. Window Replacement

Another way to add privacy to your home is to consider window replacement Toronto, especially if your existing windows are transparent. Choose double glazed replacement window Toronto to add privacy to the interior of your home. Besides, you can choose to frost your windows to prevent visibility via them; hence, you get to enhance the privacy of your home.

3. Try Window Treatments

To add privacy to your home, you should invest in window treatments, especially roller blinds and Venetian blinds. These blinds will provide a complete covering for your window as well as let you control the amount of natural light that comes into your home. You would be able to prevent the visibility of your home from the outside.

4. Build Fences

You can build board fences to add privacy to your home. Board fences come in different patterns, and you will find the right type that will suit and complement the architectural design of your home. Meanwhile, check the local codes regarding fence heights and other restrictions. Building fences around your home adds privacy to your home and makes you feel more secure.

5. Set Up a Pergola

Another creative way to add privacy to your home is to build a pergola. Although it will stand without walls, it will have beams and wood columns that will obstruct the view of neighbors who might be looking in. Instead of constructing an elevated deck, a Pergola will add some degree of privacy and functionality to your home.

6. Grow Trees and Shrubs

Go natural by adding privacy to home with trees and shrubs. This is a low budget approach that will also add shade and beauty to your home. Check with a landscaper to see the right types of trees and shrubs that will serve your desired purpose. You can use potted trees or shrubs to block your space from intrusion.

If you want the perfect tip that will not cause a lot of trouble, go for replacement window Toronto to address privacy to your home.

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