How to Choose a Door Handle for Your Front Door?

How to Choose a Door Handle for Your Front Door?
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How to Choose a Door Handle for Your Front Door?

Choosing the right handle for your door is crucial to enhancing the overall aesthetics and functionality of your front door. The front door deserves attention to detail just the way you would do with window replacement Toronto. Although it is a small component of the front door, there is more to choosing the perfect door handle than going to the hardware store and select just any handle.

Here are 4 tips on how to choose a door handle for your front door:

1. Style

The first factor to consider when you want to choose a door handle for your front door is the style of your home and the door in view. Just like you would consider the architectural design of your home and the overall theme when considering window replacement Toronto, you need to choose the door handle style that will complement and enhance the theme and style of your home. This is crucial to avoid a mismatch.

2. Type of Door Handle

You also need to consider the appropriate door handle for your entry door. Door handles come in different types: doorknobs, lever handles, and handle sets. Each type has its benefits and limitations. The doorknobs are attractive but not suitable for children and persons with challenges using their wrists effectively. The lever handles, on the other handle, is perfect for all purposes and everyone. The handle sets look fashionable but can be difficult to operate for persons with mobility limitations.

3. Functionality

Since you are searching for a door handle for an entry door, your priority should be easy operation and security or privacy. The entry door is the gateway to your home; therefore, you should choose a door handle that offers safety features for enhanced privacy of your home. Remember that door handles are designed as one or more of passage set, privacy, entry set, and dummy set. Your entry door deserves either the privacy or entry set (with a locking function).

4. Aesthetics

Another tip for choosing a door handle for your entry door is the look of the door handle. You must choose a handle whose features resonate with the overall look and theme of your home. A modern and sleek home should not have a knob handle on its entry door – that is a blunder. There is a wide variety of design, finish, and materials of the door handle. Choose the perfect handle and enhance the overall appeal of your door and home.

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