5 Things to Know Before you Buy Replacement Windows

5 Things to Know before You Buy Replacement Windows
September 6, 2019 Windows 0 Comments

5 Things to Know Before you Buy Replacement Windows

Windows are an essential component of the facade of a house. They provide both functional and aesthetic services. Besides, they are crucial to making a home energy-efficient. However, window replacement becomes necessary due to several reasons ranging from damage to becoming obsolete. Meanwhile, before heading to the market to purchase replacement windows for your home, you must know certain things to help you in making an informed decision. Read further to know the 5 things that are significant to buying replacement windows.

Here are the 5 things to know before you buy replacement windows:

5 Things to Know Before you Buy Replacement Windows

1. Appearance

The first thing you should know about replacement windows is that they are designed differently from new-construction windows. They do not have flanges or nailing fins. It means that replacement windows have smooth sides that will enable easy insertion into the window space on the building.

2. Types of Frames Material

There is a wide variety of frame materials used for replacement windows: aluminum, vinyl, wood, and fiberglass. Each of these materials has its strengths and weaknesses, and comparative advantage over the other. When choosing the right replacement windows for your project, select the right frame that will guarantee the optimum performance of your window replacement.

3. Glass Options

The type of glass in your replacement windows will determine the efficiency of the windows. Replacement windows come in either single pane or double pane layer. Dual pane windows offer insulation while single pane windows do not. This is crucial, depending on the goal of your window replacement project.

4. Glass Coating

Some replacement windows come with special coatings to improve their performance. You can see an inscription – “Low-E” on some glasses. It means “low emissivity.” This is a special coating that reduces the bulk of heat and UV light from the sun. As a result, this type of glass promotes energy efficiency of the house as well as reduces fading of properties indoor.

5. Special Treatment Using Argon Gas

Some windows, especially double pane windows, have a special treatment to improve their energy efficiency. Argon gas has no colour or odour. It is usually filled in-between glass panes to improve the thermal performance of the windows and help to save energy used for cooling or warming the interior of the house. Besides, treatment with argon gas helps to reduce outdoor noise (soundproofing function).


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