5 Tips for Regular Window Maintenance

5 Tips for Regular Window Maintenance
September 17, 2019 Windows 0 Comments

5 Tips for Regular Window Maintenance

Windows are one of the most crucial parts of your house. They play vital roles in your comfort and security. As a result, you should ensure that your windows, whether new windows or old ones are in perfect condition through proper maintenance.

5 Tips for Regular Window Maintenance

Are you searching for tips for maintaining your new window replacement? Do you want to learn how to keep your windows in top condition? Here are 5 tips for regular window maintenance:

1. Cleaning

Regardless of the type of material your new windows are made of, cleaning is the first and the easiest maintenance tip. Get a soft cloth to clean the dust on the frames and other parts of the windows. Ensure that you do not use a hard or harsh material as it can scratch your windows. If your windows are wooden, do not use wet cloth or water to clean them to avoid exposing them to rot.

2. Cleaning the Glass

Dirty glass reduces the beauty and visibility of windows. Due to exposure to the elements, dust quickly settles on the glass of windows. Get a soft cloth, mild cleaners, and warm water to clean your windows. This will leave them sparkling clean and look like new windows with better outdoor visibility.

3. Cleaning the Tracks

When the tracks of your windows are dirty and filled with dust and debris, windows can easily get stuck and become difficult to operate. As a result, you should ensure to clean the window track regularly to prevent your windows from requiring force to operate. Cleaning the tracks regularly will keep your windows perfectly shut without any gap that can allow the draft to filter in.

4. Keep Sealing in Place

Another maintenance tip for your new windows or replacement windows is to check the sealing in your windows and keep them intact. Different weather condition can weaken your window seals and cause them to remove. Know that the removal of your windows will make your windows lose their energy efficiency. Therefore, caulk the gaps created by the damaged sealing your windows.

5. Insulation of your Windows

Look out for gaps, or holes in your windows, possibly caused by removed sealing. The gaps undoubtedly will cause leakage and result in your HVAC system working rigorously, which will increase energy use. Use rubber-foam insulation to block the gaps or holes and other exposed parts of your windows to boost your home’s energy efficiency.


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