How to Know When to Replace My Home Windows

How to Know When to Replace My Home Windows
September 16, 2018 Windows 4 Comments

How to Know When to Replace My Home Windows

Have you ever checked the condition of your windows at home? Upon first inspection, you may not know that there are problems with them. Typically, any windows that are over 20 years old are due for replacement, but there are various ways to check for sure. So the question is, how do you know when to replace your home windows?

Generally, homeowners begin the process of changing their windows for aesthetic reasons. New windows can really make your home look much more presentable and give that curb appeal you are looking for. Moreover, run down windows can pose security issues to your home. Any gaps that are present is an invitation for intruders to enter. Outside of the typical aesthetic and security issues, there are deeper reasons to explore in order to know when to replace your home windows.

Window Operation

Wear and tear or improper installation of windows can lead to balancing issues, making them difficult to open and close. Moreover, rust and rot will eventually cause operating issues. Outside of the frustration of operating these worm out windows, improper locking mechanisms on faulty windows can also lead to major security issues in your home.


If you see that your windows are developing moisture or even fogging between the layers, it is a sign that the seals on your window are no longer doing their job. If the seals have failed, it also means the insulation used to make your windows energy efficient have also failed. At this point, you are now allowing air to leak which will show on your energy bills.


Higher Energy Bills

In some scenarios, you cannot optically tell that your window is leaking air. The slightest crack in you seal may not be enough to cause condensation, but it will be enough to notice on your energy bill. Having a window that is leaking air can let out 25% of your heat in the winter time, which in turn puts your furnace in over-drive, which in turn will cost you dollars. Replacing your windows to tighter, energy efficient ones will save you money in the long run.

You Feel a Draft

As mentioned earlier, you may not optically see issues with your windows, but sometimes you can feel it. If you feel a breeze from a window even when they’re closed, this is a sign of poor insulation or a faulty seal. A good way to test this, is to bring a lit candle to your windows. If you see the flame flickering or the smoke drifting quickly by the window, you are likely due to have your windows replaced.

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Outside Noise

A lot of older single pane and even some double pane windows can let in noise vibrations from the outside. Sometimes we take this for granted, but those that live on busy streets may noticed a lot more than others. With advancements in windows, there are options now that not only keep your air inside home but also keep the noise outside.

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