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Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Mississauga, Ontario

Falcon WD has been proudly providing its window and door replacement services for nearly 10 years and has been able to confidently establish themselves as a clear competitor. With success in many different cities and communities, it comes to no surprise that Falcon WD has been able to extend its services to the city of Mississauga. We specialize in window and door installation services, and we strive to deliver a hassle-free and seamless experience with the help of our qualified and fully equipped team. Falcon WD’s mission and values are built on the foundation of delivering on every project, and ensuring the customer is left satisfied and happy.

Like any business, when we take on a project, we strive to deliver on every aspect as well as create a trusting and memorable relationship. Falcon WD has been able to comprise a team of experts who have an abundance of knowledge and experience in window and door installation services. Our experts will work closely with you, to ensure that your vision is brought to life. From the very start of the project to the very end, it is without a doubt that you can rely on Falcon WD to complete your window and door replacement project.

Upkeeping a home can be quite the challenge, and it’s incredibly easy to overlook essential elements of your home such as your windows and doors. Many homes are due for an upgrade in regards to their windows and doors. It is crucial that you consider possibly replacing your windows and doors if you have suddenly realized there’s an increase in your power bills, if there are noticeable visual defects including faded colouring, or if you’re simply looking to upkeep the visual aesthetic and value of your home. Doors are the single thing that separates the inside of your home from the outside. If you start noticing cracks and gaps in your door, it is important that you consider changing your doors, as through those cracks and gaps, there’s a chance you’d be welcoming moisture, mould and mildew into your home. Secure and functional doors are also the only thing providing security Upgrading your current window and door fixtures will not only enhance the visual appeal of your home but also the value.

Schedule your free in-house consultation today, and one of Falcon WD’s specialists will assess and evaluate your home free of charge! We will then provide you with a custom quote based on your requirements, as well as the condition of your current windows and doors. Falcon WD continues to strive to deliver on each and every project in a timely and efficient manner, that will leave you satisfied with your new windows and doors.


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