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Windows & Doors Installation & Service in Oshawa, Ontario

Established in 2010, Falcon WD has long been providing its window and installation services across Ontario, including Oshawa. Falcon WD consists of a group of highly experienced experts who have been perfecting their window and door installation skills for many years. As a company we strive to provide the city of Oshawa and its communities of homeowners with exceptional window and door replacement services. Our team of experts and their dedication to deliver quality results on each project, has allowed us to grow and establish a relationship among any community Falcon WD has worked with.

Falcon WD built its company and reputation on providing memorable experiences for each and every client. No matter the size of the project, we are determined to create a hassle-free experience for you, from start to finish. Our team of experts will assist you from the initial consultation, to choosing the perfect window and door fixture, as well as the final check in to ensure that you are satisfied with your windows and doors. Falcon WD understands how difficult this process can be, which is why we’re here to alleviate and support you, to ensure this project is easy and stress free!

It is vital that your windows and doors are functional and up to date; Falcon WD specialists will inspect your windows to determine what needs to be updated, as well as what solution would be best for your abode. Outdated windows can result in losing up to 25% of heat generated, during the cooler months of the year. This can highly impact your energy and utility bills, if It is not updated or fixed. An outdated door can welcome many unwanted things into your home, including mould, mildew and moisture, as well as possible intruders. A dated door tends to have unseen cracks and gaps, due to excessive using, which enables moisture to come into your home and ultimately develop and grow mould and mildew. Old doors can also act as sign of opportunity for intruders to come into your home. Not only are outdated doors not functional, but they can pose a health and security risk for you and your family.

Schedule your free in-house consultation today, and one of Falcon WD’s specialists will assess and evaluate your home free of charge! We will then provide you with a custom quote based on your requirements, as well as the condition of your current windows and doors. Falcon WD continues to strive to deliver on each and every project in a timely and efficient manner, that will leave you satisfied with your new windows and doors.


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