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Double Hung Windows Replacement & Installation Services

A double hung window is one of the most popular choices of homeowners. It can be found in almost every house because they are easy to maintain and operate. These extremely versatile windows fit in any architectural design. The double hung windows have Georgian and Victorian-style – the style which is in high demand. A double hung window has 2 sashes which are movable – the bottom one can be raised up and the top one can be lowered down. They work in an area which has a small space because the sashes can only move straight up and down. This charming design also allows an ample amount of air to get inside the house.

Falcon Windows and Doors offers a plethora of window options for any style home in any climate. We are also experts in window replacement in Toronto GTA and trusted for the highest quality products, reliable service, efficient installation, and competitive prices.

Types of Double Hung Windows

Traditional Double-Hung Windows

Traditional double-hung windows always come in a rectangular shape with dividers dividing the glass panes.

Round Double-Hung Windows

Round double-hung windows are also called round top windows. They look the same as traditional and are often used in the newer home to achieve a modern look.

benefits of sliding windows


Unlike single hung windows, double hung windows open up from both the sashes. Thus, having more area for air to come inside the house.


The double hung windows are compatible with almost all the styles. They are in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours. The materials include aluminum, wood, fibreglass, and vinyl.

Air Conditioner Friendly

Unlike casement windows, double hung offers space for air conditioners. Because they slide up and down instead of opening outwards, they can hold heavy air conditioners units safely.

Energy Efficient

To minimize the moisture and air infiltration, precise measurement of the double hung window is required. There is an option of quadruple weatherstripping which prevents heat from escaping the house and cold air from entering, saving your electricity bills.

Easy to Clean

Who doesn’t love windows that have no dirt! Double hung windows are tilt wash – Sashes that tilt in for cleaning thus making cleaning an easy task.

East to Use

Moving the sashes in double hung windows requires minimal efforts. Moving these sashes up and down will almost be effortless.


Most of these windows come with 2 security locks for double protection. You have to make sure that the upper sash is locked as gravity can play a role in getting it down.

Double Hung Windows Size

Double hung offer a variety of sizes to choose from. The standard sizes start from 24”x36” to 48”x72”. You can also customize the size according to your window’s size.

Cleaning Double Hung Windows

Cleaning your windows can be one of the tedious household chores that you’d never want to do. Some people call professional cleaners to clean difficult areas. But cleaning your double hung windows will let you skip the hassle. All you need to do is open up the sash, tilt it, clean it and tilt it back. However, It is important that you don’t use harsh products as it can damage the seal and paint around your window.


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