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Single Hung Windows Replacement & Installation Services

Single hung windows, as the name suggests, has only one moving sash. The bottom one moves vertically overlapping the upper sash while it remains fixed. When the window is opened, the bottom pane partially obstructs the upper one. Single hung are preferred to get an authentic look adding a traditional charm in homes.

Falcon Windows and Doors offers a plethora of window options for any style home in any climate. We are also experts in window replacement in Toronto GTA and trusted for the highest quality products, reliable service, efficient installation, and competitive prices.

benefits of single hung windows

Less Vulnerable

Single hung windows are less vulnerable to leakages because the upper pane is fixed and cannot loosen on its own just like the moving panes do.


Since the single hung windows open in one direction, the window locking system is highly efficient. With just one lock, you can’t forget to lock it once you shut windows down for the day or even for a season.

Energy Efficient

With the improved technology, single hung windows include more energy efficient glasses, frames, insulation and much more. Since the single-hung have one movable sash, there are negligible chances of air filtration and water flooding into your house thus preventing water damage, wood rotting, etc. The less air filtration, the less you pay on heating and cooling.

Cost Effective

Usually, Single hung windows are more affordable than other types of windows such as double hung windows as there is only one moving part. You can save up to 15% with this type of window.


While single hung windows offer only one moving glass pane, they come in many options when it comes to colour, wood, shape, finishing, etc.

Single Hung Windows Size

Single hung windows are one of the popular windows available in the market. They come in a variety of sizes. The size ranges from 24”x36” to 48”x72″. You can also customize the window size as per your requirements.

Cleaning Single Hung Windows

The more window movement, the less effort in cleaning it. Single-hung window is not easy to clean as compared to other windows as it is going to require some effort to clean it. This won’t be much of a problem if it is situated on the ground level as you can clean it from the outside, but if they are upper floors, you’ll have to face some inconvenience reaching the areas of your window.


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