Windows and Doors Mississauga

Windows and Doors Mississauga

Falcon WD specializes in windows and doors replacement in Mississauga. Experience quality products and quality service from Mississauga’s premium windows and doors company.

Mississauga has grown from a small suburb of Toronto into the sixth largest city in Canada with approximately 722,000 residents. Real estate value in Mississauga is continuing to grow year-over-year, which makes it essential to keep curb appeal top of mind. Having aesthetically pleasing windows and doors should be a priority in Mississauga.

Falcon WD is your premium choice for windows and doors replacement in Mississauga. Our proven windows and doors replacement process will ensure 100% satisfaction for all of your needs.

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Window Replacement Mississauga

Windows Replacement Mississauga

An average home losses about 25% of their heat due to poor window insulation. These types of windows will also lead to higher energy costs. Newer energy efficient windows will not only add curb appeal to your house but will also save you money in the long run as they will reduce your energy bills.

At Falcon WD Windows and Doors, we always ensure that your windows replacement process is detailed and thorough. We take pride in delivering quality work at the best value possible.

Once we schedule your consultation, one of our windows replacement specialists from Mississauga will gather feedback on what you need for your new windows. A detailed inspection of your current window performance will be assessed followed by our profession recommendations on what your custom solution will look like.

From there we will help you decide on the style that fits your home based on your needs. We will explore the different styles and cover why one would be better than the other for you. Once you decide on the style, our team will take the measurements of the windows that will be replaced to ensure a proper installation.

When we install your windows, we will make sure that the process is seamless. We will prepare your house for installation and even leave it cleaner than when we started the job! All of the old windows and materials will be discarded by us as well.


Door Replacement Mississauga

Updating your older door to a newer version will lead to several benefits. Did you know that intruders specifically target homes with older wooden doors as they are easier to kick in? The updates made on steel and fiberglass doors not only deter intruders, they are also a lot more secure.

For the most part, homeowners usually explore new entry doors or new patio doors for the aesthetics. There is nothing better than walking up to your home and being welcomed by a beautiful door.

Schedule your consultation today with Falcon WD Windows and Doors and we will make your door purchase journey hassle free. We will help you choose the right style for your home, whether it is for the front, side or back of your home.

Once you choose your style, we will take all of the appropriate measurements prior to installation. When we install your new doors, we will be sure to make the process as smooth as possible including us discarding your old doors and materials, leaving your entryway ready to welcome you and your guests.


Door Replacement Mississauga

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Featured Window

Awning Window

This window style opens outward with a simple turn of a handle and are hinged at the top. Awning windows are built with structural strength and are best knows for their ability to have unobstructed views as they do not need rails or bars to hold them together.

Enjoy an abundance of light, maximum energy efficiency and ease of cleaning with this style of window.


Awning Window Replacement Toronto
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