Windows and Doors Oshawa

Windows and Doors Oshawa

Falcon WD specializes in windows and doors replacement in Oshawa. We can help you in finding the perfect windows and doors for your home.

In the Southern Ontario, along the shoreline of Lake Ontario lies the beautiful city of Oshawa. Oshawa has a population of 160,000 approximately and is the largest municipality in the Regional Municipality of Durham. It is one of the fastest growing cities in Canada and had a record-setting year of growth in 2015 with over half a Billion dollars spent in construction. And hence, there is an ever increasing demand for appealing windows and doors in Oshawa.

Falcon WD Windows and Doors is the primary choice of residents in Oshawa for replacement windows and doors because we are make Professional Installation of Energy Efficient Windows and Doors. Our premium quality replacement windows and doors process is focused on customer satisfaction.

Schedule today a free in-house consultation visit with us to have your windows and doors assessed by our experts.

Window Replacement Oshawa

Windows Replacement Oshawa

On average poorly insulated windows lead to about 25% losses in heat, resulting in higher energy costs. Newer Energy Efficient Windows not only enhance the appeal of your house but will also help you save money in the long run as they will result in reduced energy bills.

At Falcon WD Windows and Doors, we have developed a detailed and thorough process for windows replacement. We take pride in delivering highest quality work at the best possible price.

Our specialists from Oshawa will do a Free in-house consultation to assess your existing windows performance and will make their expert recommendations based on your needs. We will give a detailed assessment of various styles based on your preferences. Our team will then help you in deciding which styles are best suited to your needs. Once you have selected the style, our team will take the measurements of the windows that will be replaced to ensure proper installation.

Our team will ensure that installation process is executed properly. After the installation is complete we will discard the old windows and materials leaving you with no hassle to clean afterwards.


Door Replacement Oshawa

Upgrading your older door to a newer version leads to many benefits. One of the most significant ones is security. Intruders generally target homes with older wooden doors as they are easier to force enter. The newer doors with steel and fibreglass will not only enhance the overall security of homes but will also deter intruders from breaking in.

Homeowners, are always looking for newer and aesthetically more appealing entry and patio doors. Nothing is more pleasing than walking up to your home and have the feeling of being welcomed by an exquisite entrance door.

Book your consultation today with Falcon WD Windows and Doors and we will help you in choosing the best style doors for your home, whether it is for the front, side or backyard.

Once you have selected your style, we will take all the measurements and will ensure that the installation process goes by smoothly. After the installation is complete we will discard your old doors and materials leaving you hassle free.


Door Replacement Oshawa

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Vinyl vs Wood Doors

Wood is undoubtedly the classic choice for most households when it comes to doors. However, recently the trend has shifted towards energy efficient solutions and hence, Vinyl doors have gained popularity. Vinyl doors are low maintenance, energy efficient and can resist the impacts of harsh weather conditions. However, If you want aesthetically appealing doors with a feeling of warmth then your choice would be wood doors.

Vinyl or wood door is essentially a matter of personal choice. The bottom line is if you want an energy efficient durable vinyl door or more regal wood door.


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