Windows and Doors Vaughan

Windows and Doors Vaughan

Falcon WD specializes in windows and doors replacement in Vaughan. Exceptional quality and exceptional service when it comes to windows and doors.

The northern border of the City of Toronto is the wonderful City of Vaughan. Vaughan has a population close to 300,000 and draw a lot of tourists to destinations like Canada’s Wonderland and Vaughan Mills shopping mall.

Falcon WD Windows and Doors is the top choice of residents in Vaughan for replacement windows and doors. We have a proven system when it comes to windows and doors replacement that is designed with a customer first mindset.

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Window Replacement Vaughan

Window Replacement Vaughan

When you have poor insulation in your home you can lose up-to 25% of your heat due to this. By upgrading your windows to ones that are more energy efficient, you are setting yourself up for long term savings when it comes to your energy bills.

When you replace your windows with Falcon WD Windows and Doors, we put together a detailed process to ensure we deliver high quality work and service that you deserve.

Our trained windows replacement specialists from Vaughan will do a thorough inspection of your windows during your in-home consultation. We will give our professional opinion on the course of action you should take when it comes to your windows.

We will help you choose the right style of window based on your needs. When you land on a style of window, we will take proper measurements of your windows to ensure a smooth installation.

Cleanliness is a top priority when we do our installations which include us discarding your old windows and materials.


Door Replacement Vaughan

Door replacement is not just about updating the look of your home, it is also about increasing the security and giving you piece-of-mind. Did you know that intruders often look for older doors with possible gaps to break into. Replacing your doors to a newer, more secure option is the best way to deter these intruders.

At Falcon WD, we take pride in taking the time to understand your needs. We will show you the different options available when it comes to door replacement and talk to you about the pros and cons.

We take all of the necessary steps to ensure you select the right door. We will take precise measurements pre-installation and do a proper clean-up post-installation.

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Door Replacement Vaughan

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Featured Window

Double Hung Window

This window style can be opened from the bottom or top sash, sliding up and down for ventilation. Double hung windows offer an amazing feature of being able to easily clean the outside of the window from inside.

Double hung windows are also known for great ventilation when both the top and bottom are opened. Warm air can escape from the top while cool air enters from the bottom.


double hung window
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