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Everything About Backyard Basement Windows You Should Know 

Best backyard basement windows - find out how to get them.

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If there is an area where you most need natural light, free-flowing air, and an escape route in case of an emergency, it is your backyard basement. Older homes have small windows that barely bring light and have many functional features.

But modern homes are quickly adopting new, stylish, and highly practical backyard basement windows, which serve multiple purposes, including much-needed extra space and quality fresh air. 


Importance of Backyard Basement Windows 

A critical element of new modern windows is that they are large enough and provide a way out of the basement. The egress window in basement feature is an excellent example of most of the backyard basement windows. Installing them helps bring in sufficient light and a wonderful view of the entire yard. You can also turn off the lights during the day to save on those massive energy bills. 

The windows in the basement give you total control over the amount and quality of air you allow into your basement. For example,  you trap the heat within the basement. You can also stop the harsh outdoor air from coming into your basement. 

You can also control the temperature within the basement by opening the windows to allow in a gentle breeze. The new basement windows also improve curb appeal, helping to increase your home’s value. 

There is so much you can learn about backyard basement windows, especially from experts. If you are in Toronto, Canada, our window experts at Falcon WD can take you through the paces regarding windows for basements. 

We are a highly experienced team with expansive knowledge of basement windows and egress windows in the basement. Our broad customization options enable you to choose the right basement window size and look.  

 Types of Egress Windows in Basement 

 Backyard Basement Windows

Unlike windows for other parts of your house, basement windows installation is near the ground. They also come in different types, each with unique features. Here are some examples:

Casement Windows

Another familiar name for casement windows is crank windows. They open by rotating a tiny crank that pushes the window outwards. These egress windows in the basement are suitable for above-ground basements because they can only open fully with sufficient clearance. 

Their height measurements have to be bigger than their width. Many older homes have these basement window types. But they are also excellent for modern homes, especially in the bathroom windows within the basement.

Awning Windows

These unique egress windows in basement tightly hinge the top, with the pane opening at the bottom and outwards. As their name suggests, they form an awning-like cover above the open window and will protect you from the elements. Regardless of the weather, you safely open the awning windows to have a breeze of fresh air and light in your basement.

Slider Windows

Many modern homes install slider windows because of their suitability for daylight. The windows, which function like a sliding glass door, are excellent as backyard basement windows allowing you an open and pleasant view of your green garden and the overlapping landscape. 

A key feature to check is the window frame, which has to be sturdy since it can have multiple uses. For instance, an egress window in the basement regularly opens from within the basement to allow light and air to enter. You can also use it to exit or even enter, an excellent escape route during emergencies. 

Hopper Windows 

These are also distinct windows for basements because of the air they help flow into your basement. Their build, angle, and shape make them perfect as a vent for quality, fresh air. 

Hopper windows hinge at the bottom and effortlessly open. Their small size is crucial, barring anyone from quickly getting into the basement through the window. If you want to enhance security and privacy, you can install opaque glass which prevents people from seeing through. 

Picture Windows

Pictures are also known as fixed windows. These aren’t your typical egress windows in basement as they do not open, provide ventilation, or egress. But they are a perfect choice if you want to maximize the amount of light that penetrates your basement. The main installation aim is to provide sufficient light and outdoor views. They are large enough for those specific reasons. 

Why Do You Need a Custom Egress Window in Basement Windows

 Backyard Basement Windows

Most of the windows mentioned above are egress windows in basement.

They are primarily large and provide a quick exit. The windows make your basement more inviting due to the fresh air and natural light. 

But homes are different, with different styles and practical needs. No basement windows can automatically fit into your home unless they are custom-made. 

Falcon WD basement windows experts will come to the ground to take the exact measurements. They also discuss your style based on your basement exterior and interior décor so that anything they create matches your personality and curb. 

If yours is a standard home, you can order smaller windows in sizes 20 x 24. On the other hand, a typical custom basement window could be larger, bordering on sizes 31 x 12 or 32 x 13. 

Size Requirement for Egress Window in Basement

The building codes have standard sizes for backyard basement windows. The National Building Code indicates that basement windows have the following sizes:

Other critical requirements for an egress window in the basement include:

What’s more, the most appropriate material for backyard basement windows is vinyl or UPVC.  Vinyl basement windows are strong to water damage, and are impermeable to mold.

Get Your Backyard Basement Windows Replaced With Falcon WD 

Do you need to replace your old backyard basement windows with the new egress window in basement? Give us a call at (647) 977-1010

The egress window in basement provides double, even triple benefits. You can easily escape through them. The light and fresh air that enters improves your comfort level in the space below.

Falcon WD backyard basement windows experts are on standby to provide all the information you require. We also assess your base at zero cost and provide the most suitable windows based on your needs and style.

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