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Windows Replacement & Installation Services

Falcon WD prides itself on being the GTA’s top window replacement and installation service. With the ability to offer and provide clients with a variety of options when it comes to replacing dated or defective windows, Falcon WD’s main priority across all projects, is to ensure that the client’s requirements are met and that the desired results are achieved. It is our mission to provide homes with safe, functional and top of the line windows.

Falcon WD understand that quality window replacement and installations heavily rely on the performance of the experts. Which is why our team of specialists are trained in-house, to ensure that installation techniques and methods are developed accordingly.

With an established track record for success, Falcon WD has long been serving the communities of the GTA. Our team of experts work directly with you, through each step of the way, assuring you that your objectives are met, and your vision is accomplished.

Window Replacement & Installation Process



Once your consultation is booked, a free in-home inspection will be conducted by one of our specialists, who will gather all of your requirements regarding your window replacement and installation project.

  • We will thoroughly inspect your current windows, and asses their performance, durability and functionality.
  • We will provide information based on the feedback collected, regarding different window replacement options.

Choose Style & Measure

Our team of specialists will work closely with you, to ensure that we choose the right window style that will replace your old windows. We also ensure we take the precise measurements, to provide a seamless and hassle-free installation.

  • With our variety of window options, you will be able to choose a window that fits your needs and requirements.
  • We will provide you with aesthetically pleasing window options, based on the measurements our specialists will take, prior to installation.

Actual Window Replacement

With the consultation and window selection complete, our team of experts will ensure your window replacement and installation is completed in an efficient and timely manner.

  • With the proper tools and experience, we can guarantee your project will be completed.
  • We will take the appropriate steps, to ensure that your window installation process is seamless, and safe.

Post Installation

As we get to the end of your installation, Falcon WD will ensure the area we were working in, is cleaned up, and your old windows and materials are disposed of.

  • Our team provides you with an extensive and thorough clean-up and disposal service.
  • We will also follow up with you, to ensure satisfaction and comfortability with your new windows is met.
window styles


  • Complete removal of old window up to the house framing
  • Option of 3 different size brick mold accessories
  • Allows for upgrades to interior trim and jamb, as well as hardware
  • Offers greater efficiency performance upgrade than retrofit
  • Ideal for replacing damaged or poorly insulated windows



  • Sash is removed and replaced
  • Window frame and interior trim remain intact
  • Faster and less expensive process than full window replacement
  • Ideal when frame is already well insulated and in good condition
  • Allows for upgrade to window glazing for improved comfort and performance



  • Complete removal of old window up to the house framing
  • Exterior is finished with caulking and aluminum flashing
  • Allows for upgrades to interior trim and jamb
  • Offers greater efficiency performance upgrade than retrofit
  • Additional option for replacing damaged or poorly insulated windows



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