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Easy access to fresh air and offers maximum versatility, ideal for bedroom, bathrooms and kitchens

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Slider Windows Replacement & Installation Services

Slider Windows Replacement

Slider windows, also known as gliding windows have sashes that glide in a horizontal direction rather than vertical like traditional windows. Basically, they are double hung windows rotated on their side. Due to its compact, flat and wide design, it is the most loved style of all the window styles. Falcn Windows and Doors offers a plethora of window options for any style home in any climate. We are also experts in window replacement in Toronto GTA and trusted for the highest quality products, reliable service, efficient installation, and competitive prices.

Sliding window has only 1 panel that slides left to right supporting a large area of glass – letting in an ample amount of sunlight and fresh air into your home.

The Benefits of Slider Window Replacement & Installation

Falcon WD recommends using slider windows or replacing windows with sliding ones. This will cover a large area and allow more sunlight and fresh air into your home or property.

Falcon WD has provided high quality and customer service for over a decade. We are proud of our perfect 10/10 reviews on HomeStars and 4.9/5 rating on Google.

Are you searching online for the “best door and window company offering replacement single or double sliding windows near me?” Then Falcon WD is what you’re looking for!

Falcon Windows and Doors Offers a Sliding Window Replacement that Can Lower Your Energy Bills

Slider windows Canada design doesn’t take up much space. We have different sliding windows sizes and interior trims to match any home or property. 

Slider windows made in Canada are energy-efficient and easy to clean with a locking system for added security.

Here’s what you should know about the energy efficiency of all of our window features, including slider windows:

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Four Easy Steps to Replacing Your Windows in Toronto and the GTA

Check out our FAQs below for answers to many popular questions we’ve received from our happy customers.

Falcon WD makes it easy to get single-slider or double-sliding windows in Toronto and the GTA. They have modern, energy-efficient windows with different interior finishing options for any home and budget.


We discuss the window style you prefer. Our team then develops a cost-effective plan to enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior.


Accurate measurements are important for well-fitting windows, especially when your exterior is finished. This helps with efficiency.


Certified Falcon WD installers respect your home during installation, cleaning up, and disposal of all debris.


Falcon WD is committed to your satisfaction, and we offer a comprehensive transferable warranty.

Falcon WD FAQs About a Double Slider Window or Single Slider Windows in Toronto

Single or double-slider windows are easy to customize. They can save you money on heating and cooling bills because they are energy efficient. Their operation provides great ventilation that won’t crack or lift like an old roller window.

1. What makes a single-slider different than a double-slider window?
Single sliders feature one fixed side, and double sliders allow both sides to slide open.
2. Is there an advantage to double-slider windows?
Double-sliders windows offer the most versatility because your windows simultaneously open left, right, or both sides.
3. Do slider windows come in standard window sizes?
The standard width of slider windows ranges from 36 to 84 inches, and the standard height starts at 24 inches to 60 inches tall. The common window widths are between 36 to 48 inches.
4. Just how easy is it to clean double-sliding windows?
A big convenience of double-sliders is the “tilt-in feature,” with latches on the sides of the window sashes. When you press on the upper and lower latches simultaneously, the window tilts (like a door opening). This allows you to easily clean both sides of the glass without removing the window screen or doing the job outside. When you finish, gently push the window back into the window frame until you hear the click—that’s all it takes!
5. What is the cost of installing double-slider windows?
Your free consultation with Falcon WD will tell you the installation costs precisely. Generally, the price ranges from $160-200 to install a double-slider based on the window size and location.
6. How long does installation take?
Installation generally takes 1-2 hours, depending on the window size and location. This includes removing the old window.
7. Is there a best choice for window glass?
Low-E glass is the best choice for cooling your home in warmer months. It allows natural sunlight to pass through while blocking harmful UV rays.
8. What exactly is “sealed glass”?
Sealed glass window units are the features of an advanced glazing system. Adhesive spacers separate two or more sheets of glass and fill them with Argon gas, krypton, or air. The units seal tightly to prevent leaks, providing maximum insulation and increasing energy efficiency.
9. What are end-vent slider windows?
A vent slider is a modern window technology. It resembles casement windows. It provides improved airflow. It is also easier to clean. Ask Falcon WD about the better choice for your home or property!


single slider window

Single Slider

Single sliders have only one sash which can slide, meaning only one side can open and the other one will be fixed. This limits the airflow as it can enter from only one window. It’s cheaper than the double slider.

double slider window

Double Slider

Unlike the single slider, this style has 2 sashes, thus making it slide from both the ends. They don’t use any space, so they are ideal for kitchen sinks, countertops, etc. Double slider windows prices vary by size, material, manufacture, etc.

benefits of SLIDER WINDOWS

Simple Design

Slider windows are easily operable making them less likely to break. Maintenance is nothing more than vacuuming the dirt regularly and lubricating the slides once in a while.


Due to the simplicity of this window style, it tends to live longer than all the other types of windows. Generally, they don’t break and don’t face most of the common problems that other windows have.

Unobstructed View

Enjoy the beauty of outdoors just by sitting at your home. Slider windows offer an unobstructed view as there are minimal joints and grills. This also lets you get the natural light from outside.

Less Space

When you are living in a home with short walls, some window types such as casement window take up all the space making the house look smaller developing an unpleasing look. Slider windows, on the other hand, make the rooms look taller than it actually is.


The cost of installation of Slider windows is much less as compared to the other window styles. Even if you have different size openings, installing a right sliding window will be perfect and more affordable. The difference in price will make you to seriously consider this option.

Easy Cleaning

This is another reason to consider investing in this type of windows. As the structure of these windows is simple, you can clean it yourself instead of calling a cleaning agent to do the job.

Slider windows Size

Slider windows offer a variety of sizes to choose from. The standard sizes start from 36”x24” to 84”x60”. You can also customize the size according to your window’s size.


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