Windows and Doors Whitby

Windows and Doors Whitby

Falcon WD specializes in windows and doors replacement in Whitby. Contact us today and let us help you in selecting the perfect windows and doors for your home.

Whitby is a town in Durham Region. It is located in Southern Ontario, east of Ajax and west of Oshawa. According to the 2016 census, it’s population was 128,400 approximately and like much of the Durham Region, there has been rapid population growth in Whitby. With the growth in population comes the need for housing and hence the rise in demand for good quality windows and doors. 

Falcon WD Windows and Doors is your primary choice for windows and doors replacement in Whitby as we doProfessional installation of Energy Efficient Windows and Doors. We do a thorough assessment of our customers’ needs and deliver an experience that will exceed your expectations. 

Schedule today a free in-house consultation with one of our trained experts and get a quote on your windows and doors replacement needs.

Window Replacement Whitby

Windows Replacement Whitby

Have you noticed that your energy bill might be higher than expected? Did you know that 25% of average homes lose heat due to poorly insulated windows? If you are looking to save money on your energy bills, look no further than replacing your windows. By simply upgrading your windows to newer more energy-efficient ones, you can make a huge difference in keeping your house warmer and save on energy bills.

At Falcon WD Windows and Doorswe have a customer-first mindset. At Falcon WD, we believe in involving the customer at every step of the window replacement process. Our priority is to deliver a Quality Windows Replacement experience. 

Schedule an appointment today with us and we will provide a Free in-home Consultation. Our window replacement expert from Whitby will assess your windows and will gather your feedback. From there we will suggest the most suitable styles based on your needs. Once you have chosen your style, our expert will take the measurements of your windows to ensure a seamless installation. 

Our team will ensure that during the installation process your home stays clean and tidy. Our team will also discard your old windows and materials for you.


Door Replacement Whitby

Door replacement is probably one of the only investments with the highest ROI for your home. Did you know that by upgrading to a newer aesthetically appealing entry door you can increase the value of your home? If you are searching for ways to increase property value then look no further than replacing your entry door. An added advantage of replacing your entry door is the security enhancement for your home. Intruders lookout for old doors with gaps to break-in. Newer doors are sturdier and more secure and prevent forced entries. 

Call Falcon WD Windows and Doors today and schedule your Free in-home Consultation. We take pride in making your door replacement journey as smooth as possible. Once you have scheduled your appointment, one of our door replacement specialists from Whitby will visit your home and will have a detailed discussion with you to understand your door replacement needs. Then based on the information we will show you different options and will help you in choosing the best door that fits your needs. 

Then our specialists will take measurements of your doors to ensure a smooth installation process. Once the doors have been installed, our specialists will discard your old doors and materials leaving your entryway neat and clean for you to welcome your guests. 

Don’t wait, schedule your consultation today and take the first step in upgrading your entrance.


Door Replacement Whitby

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Vinyl vs Wood Doors

Wood is undoubtedly the classic choice for most households when it comes to doors. However, recently the trend has shifted towards energy-efficient solutions and hence, Vinyl doors have gained popularity. Vinyl doors are low maintenance, energy-efficient and can resist the impacts of harsh weather conditions. However, If you want aesthetically appealing doors with a feeling of warmth then your choice would be wood doors.

Vinyl or wood door is essentially a matter of personal choice. The bottom line is if you want an energy-efficient durable vinyl door or more regal wood door.


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