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Windows & Doors Tips and Resources

The latest news on windows, doors and general home improvement.

top awning windows

Top Awning Windows Installation Service in Toronto. How to Choose Awning Windows

You may be curious about the benefits and drawbacks of awning windows if you’re considering adding trendy top awning windows to your home. These non-traditional types of windows work well in either a vertical or horizontal orientation. Top awning windows offer a variety of ways to save money on energy costs and come in a […]


custom windows Toronto

Custom Windows Installation and Replacement in Toronto: All You Need to Know

 If there is ever an essential fixture for your home, it is the custom windows. Besides the extra security and beauty elements these windows provide, they also help cut down on energy bills. Modern homes have the advantage of highly versatile window features that match the house’s design, style, and budget. Still, they are also […]


bay window

Bay Window Styles and Types

Despite the ebb and flow of other home design fashions, the bay window is a timeless element of residential architecture. Since the 1500s, bay windows Canada, which add beauty and architectural distinction to a dwelling, have appeared on homes of varying designs. The original bay window styles were merely decorative additions. For several centuries, architects […]


energy efficient window, happy couple looking through window at new home

Energy Efficient Windows: All That You Need to Know

Any homeowner who desires an energy-efficient house should make installing windows with the energy star rating a top priority. The energy required for household heating and cooling increases by 25 and 30 percent due to heat loss and heat gain through windows.  Contents1 Advantages of Energy Star Windows2 Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency by Updating […]


window replacement woodbridge

Bow Windows vs Bay Windows: Pros and Cons

Adding personal style and value with unique windows can be worthwhile if you want to upgrade your home. Right now, the two primary window options and styles on the market are bow windows and bay windows. An untrained eye wouldn’t tell them apart, as they look eerily similar. They also function in an almost identical […]


house windows Toronto

7 Steps How to Choose Best Windows for Your Toronto House

When it comes to windows, homeowners are no longer solely concerned with whether or not they can find the right window coverings. Instead, the primary concern among consumers today is to reduce the cost of heating and to cool their homes to the bare minimum. Therefore, it’s important to know the options that will provide […]


window replacement building permit

Is a Building Permit Necessary When Installing My New Windows?

Does your home need replacement windows? Would you like some additional windows for your modified basement? Or perhaps you want to add large windows for your kitchen. It seems like a small project that does not require you to seek a new windows building permit, or does it? Find out below. A permit is not […]


vynil windows

Vinyl Windows: Pros and Cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing vinyl windows or doors in your next home improvement project? You’ve got questions about the pros and cons of vinyl, and we’ve got the answers to help you choose the right windows for your home. Contents1 Advantages of Vinyl Replacement Windows2 What Is Vinyl Made Of?3 Why […]


sliding windows in bedroom

Expand Your Living Space With Pass Through Windows

What does a pass-through window mean, and how can a pass-through window renovation project increase the desirability and value of your home? First off, we know that when homeowners install pass-through windows, it blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.  Many homeowners prefer to entertain outdoors in the Northern hemisphere during the warmer months, […]


exterior door

FAQs About Energy Efficient Doors

There are many questions that arise whenever they are looking for energy-efficient doors. The arising questions are critical as they help homeowners to make informed decisions on what they require for their homes. Here is a brief look at some of the most commonly asked questions on energy-efficient doors.


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