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These windows are ideal for optimal ventilation in small areas.

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Choose Beautiful Awning Windows in Toronto

Awning windows Toronto

Are you looking for vinyl replacement awning windows in Toronto?

Awning window replacement works everywhere in your home or commercial property, providing excellent fresh air ventilation and added protection in basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. 

Save on High-Quality, Energy-Efficient Awning Replacement Windows

Falcon Windows specializes in replacement awning windows. We recommend vinyl awning windows for their beauty, durability, and ability to handle damp climates and harsh weather. 

We offer full service for awning replacement windows and are happy to answer any window questions. For instance, what’s the difference between a hopper window and an awning window? Contact Falcon Windows for all the information you need, from awning window prices to awning window installation. We have vinyl windows for every budget and always work around your schedule! 

Features and Benefits of Vinyl Awning Windows 

Our awning windows in Toronto operate similarly to more traditional casement windows, but they have one major difference. Our vinyl replacement awning windows are hinged at the top of the window frame, not the sides.

Vinyl Awning Windows Offer Great Natural Light and Fresh Air

Vinyl awning replacement windows provide an unobstructed view of the outside. We build frames and sashes for opening outwards up to a 45-degree angle, maximizing natural light and fresh air on sunny or even rainy days.

The main disadvantage of a hopper window vs. an awning window is that hopper windows open downwards and inwards, pushing rain or debris inside on a windy day.

Awning Replacement Windows Can Improve Security

Our awning windows offer Toronto homeowners and property owners added security and better energy efficiency, with stainless steel hinges for exceptional durability. Vinyl awning windows come with fold-down handles that fit into a holder at the base of the window frame. 

Vinyl awning windows also have multi-point locks on both sides for security and a tighter seal, and they’re among the most affordable and reliable types of windows.

Our Awning Windows in Toronto Are Easier to Open

If you’re looking for an easy-to-open replacement window for a loved one, our fold-down handles open and close quickly and painlessly. A multi-point system can be locked in up to four places for added security.

It’s Easier to Decorate Around Vinyl Awning Windows

Vinyl awning windows offer the most usable wall space inside a property because this window type has top hinges opening outwards. This feature allows you to place furniture and artwork in more areas without windows getting in the way.

Vinyl Awning Replacement Windows Maximize Your Privacy in Toronto

When you’re getting a bathroom window replaced, you want to maintain privacy. We recommend vinyl replacement awning windows with textured glass opening outwards to maximize ventilation and privacy.

Vinyl Awning Window Styles Give You Lots of Choices

The choice is yours with awning replacement windows! We’ll explain the differences between double-pane glass and triple-pane for the most energy-efficient replacement window. 

Viny awning windows are also perfect for mixing and matching with other window styles to create a decorating statement or maximize light and ventilation in irregular areas. 

Awning windows

Our Awning Windows Work Anywhere in Toronto 

We are your awning windows installation expert for modern vinyl awning windows in new builds or awning replacement windows in century homes throughout the GTA.

Vinyl Windows Available in Almost Any Size

If you want awning windows in Toronto and are concerned about the costs, we can reassure you that our awning replacement windows are beautiful and cost-effective! Many people think that regular-sized window styles used by most builders are the cheapest. An example would be a 36×36” window type or a 48×42” window frame.

Many manufacturers don’t stock cheaper, builder-quality windows. It’s more expensive to keep these products in stock, and it’s less costly for manufacturers to custom-make window products to fit any size.

Size Restrictions for Awning Windows Installation

Endless vinyl window styles are available, but the best size for the window frame must be considered. Vinyl windows can be too small to operate if the open-and-close mechanism doesn’t fit in the window frame. On the other hand, a vinyl window might not be enough to accommodate heavier or oversized triple-pane glass.

The maximum for double-pane awning windows is 48” wide by 72” high, and triple-pane windows are 40” wide by 60” high. A popular vinyl awning window sizes are between 2 to 4’ width and 2 to 6’ length. 

Vinyl Awning Window Prices and Financing Opportunities

Falcon Windows offers 3 special financing options to make our durable, energy-efficient door and window styles affordable to all homeowners and property owners in Canada!

Three Payment Plan Options Available

We make awning replacement windows affordable with three easy payment plans.

You can decide which option is best for you!

1. Don’t Pay for 3 Months: 

Schedule your awning windows installation with us and enjoy your beautiful vinyl windows with no payments for three months (financing fee applies).

2. Equal Payments for 60 Months:

You can pay down your awning replacement windows over five years with the same convenient monthly installment (subject to interest rates).

3. Stretch Out Your Payments for Longer 

Our high-quality windows and doors are available to anyone on a tighter budget. Arrange your payments over a longer time (fees and/or interest rates apply).

Awning vinyl windows

Awning Window Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are vinyl awning windows recommended for bathrooms and kitchens?

Customers choose our awning windows in Toronto for anywhere in a home or property where the building code requires an egress window that opens. Vinyl awning replacement windows are ideal in bathrooms and kitchens for ventilation, privacy, or both. Vinyl awning maximizes natural light and fresh air, and crank-operating window styles open quickly and easily.

2. What’s the difference between awning and casement windows?

The price of vinyl awning windows is slightly higher than traditional casement windows. 

However, the security, durability, and energy efficiency of our vinyl replacement awning windows make them the most affordable and longest-lasting choice. They also have an added locking handle and easy-to-operate function.

The top hinge window frame on the vinyl awning also holds more weight, so vinyl awning windows can be made bigger than casement windows.

3. How long do awning window installations take?

On average, the timeframe for an awning window replacement is around two hours. Factors can include the window’s location and the window frame’s size.

4. Do awning windows in Toronto come with screens?

All of our opening window styles come equipped with screens. We install screens on the inside of awning windows for quick opening outwards.

Our screens have a durable aluminum frame and fiberglass mesh and are spring-loaded for easy removal from the inside.

5. Are awning replacement windows more secure?

Our closed and latched awning windows in Toronto maximize security because they can only open when you’re inside.

Vinyl awning windows have at least two locks on the sides of the window frame, and their high placement on a wall is an added layer of security.

6. Can An Inward Awning Window Be Opened All The Way?

Allowing plenty of fresh air into your home is a huge benefit of inward awning windows. Awning windows open 90 degrees, and you can maintain them in this position even when it’s raining. Therefore, they are a great way to let fresh air into the house.

7. To What Extent Can I Open An Awning Window?

Whereas awning windows open outward from the top, casement windows open inward from the side. When you need lots of fresh air and light, you will absolutely succeed with these window types because they open completely to the outside.

8. Can You Open The Inward Awning Windows From The Top?

You can open inward awning windows even if it’s raining because of their top-hinged construction. You can open inward awning windows by cranking a handle or using the Easy-Slide Operator components to open outward from the top.

9. How Can You Describe An Inward Awning Window?

Hopper windows, in contrast to awning windows, are hinged at the top and swing inward. It’s easier to describe a hopper window as an inward-opening awning window.

10. How Easy Or Difficult Is It To Break Through An Awning Window?

Even though you have an inward awning window that opens at 90 degrees, they are not the best choice for those who want an easy break-and-enter because they don’t offer a lot of height and typically open from the bottom up. Even with the window open, it’s highly unlikely that a normal human being could fit through. 

Falcon WD Is Highly Rated and Proud to Serve You in Ontario

Our friendly approach to customer service has been awarded with a 96% approval rating on HomeStars. Falcon WD is one of Ontario’s leading window and door companies because of our expertise in window installation and replacement, our professional sales and service team, and our high-quality, long-lasting products. 

We treat your home with the same care as ours, and you can trust us to provide you with the best and most affordable options for window and door replacements. Falcon WD offers no-stress consultations in your home. Our window and door specialists assess your needs and design a quote that works for your property and budget. 

Schedule your free in-house consultation today!

Falcon WD Windows and Doors Proudly Serves the GTA to the Tri-Cities  


Aluminum Awning Window

Many apartment developers opt for this style as they are easy to maintain and they cost much less than any other materials like wood, PVC, etc. but more than vinyl.

Cellular PVC Awning Window

Cellular PVC look similar to the ones which are made with wood. This is a preferred choice for homeowners and developers as its maintenance is low and it is cheaper than wood and steel.

Fiberglass Awning Window

Fiberglass material is one of the most durable, versatile, and energy efficient materials. Moreover, it costs less than wood but more than vinyl.

Steel Awning Window

These windows are unique as their manufacturers are limited. Steel awning windows are the best choice for anyone looking for maximum security as steel is one of the strongest materials in the world. Out of all the types, steel awning windows are the most expensive ones.

Vinyl Awning Window

This material is exceptionally strong and will not rot, rust or swell. Vinyl awning windows are the least expensive type of all the other types of windows. So, if you are more concerned about the budget instead of looks, this is the best choice for you

Wooden Awning Window

Wood awning windows are a common choice among homeowners and developers as they give a classic look and style. However, the maintenance of this type is quite high because they are prone to rotting and decaying over time. On the other hand, the cost is lesser than steel but more than the other types of windows.

benefits of AWNING WINDOWS


A bigger wall opening means more sunlight and air passing through and awning windows are capable to hold large glass panels. They provide excellent ventilation and can be used even when it is raining as it is opened upwards.

Clear View

Awning windows don’t have metal rails or bars, so they give you a better view of the outside.

Easily Operable

Crank handles are easy to turn, so the opening and closing of awning windows require no effort.

Low Maintenance

With an opening angle of 90-degrees, awning windows allow easy cleaning from both the sides(inside and outside).

Weather Proof

Unlike double or single hung windows which slide over to the other pane to open or casement windows which open to the sides, awning windows are hinged from the top. These windows help to keep water out even during a heavy rainstorm.

Increased Insulation

Since this style of window is made from a single glass pane, it offers a high level of insulation unlike double or single hung windows as they have multiple joints, thus allowing air to pass through the gaps.

More Security

As these windows are installed much higher up on the wall, it becomes difficult for someone to climb through. Break-in sensors, locks, security bars, etc. can also be easily installed in awning windows.

Awning Windows Size

Most companies can install custom sizes if needed. But the standard size for awning windows is 6”x4”.

Cleaning Awning Windows

Due to its 90-degree opening feature, it creates a horizontal surface for dirt and dust to land on. In this case, you will have to clean the window more often than other styles of windows. Imagine the difficulty you’ll experience as these windows are hard to reach. If you are low maintenance owner, then the awning window is not the best choice for you. You can use a professional window cleaning service.


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Based on 117 reviews
John Santos
John Santos
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
No nonsense work and quality highly recommended.
Miss Fitz
Miss Fitz
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Falcon WD was a great experience for us from start to finish. From first contact through to installation, the communication and professionalism of Alex K, Vlad & Team was outstanding. Our new windows were installed quickly and expertly. We are so happy with our new windows that we feel like we're in a new home. The photos below are before and after pictures of our kitchen. We got 11 windows done in total.
Isabella Tatar
Isabella Tatar
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I hired Falcon Windows and Doors to replace eight old windows in my house last month. I chose Alex and his team because of the knowledge and honesty he demonstrated during the quoting process. Communication was easy and efficient, and his team of installers were great. I am very pleased with the outcome, and have already recommended this company to neighbours.
shawn j
shawn j
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Friendly .. On Time .. Clean and Respectful ... Overall Excellent service. Notified on time start date and finish and job completed on time and yes. Highly recommended from my experience
Peter V
Peter V
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I've never replaced windows before and they whole process was quick and easy! Installers were professional and everything was cleaned up like they were never there!
John Nicholson
John Nicholson
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Falcon came as scheduled and did a great job installing the window with cleanup. They even re-installed our roller blinds, which was outside the contract AND customized the window box to accommodate our roller blinds. The window was manufactured and installed in a professional way
Jason Mansingh
Jason Mansingh
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Vlad and his team were great from start to finish . They installed 2 patio doors and 6 windows.. everything was done on time and very neatly. I've used other companies before and I def will use Falcon again
Kateryna Kondratieva
Kateryna Kondratieva
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I’m totally satisfied with the FalconWD service. We’ve changed a couple windows and an outside glass door in our house. Thank you for your high level and professional work. I highly recommend FalconWD.
Bruce Chen
Bruce Chen
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I am extremely satisfied with the window installation completed by FALCON WD. Their team demonstrated remarkable efficiency and attention to detail, completing the project well before the anticipated deadline. I particularly appreciated their conscientious approach during installation, such as covering the floor vents to ensure a clean and safe work environment. We had the pleasure of enjoying our new windows just in time for the Christmas season.

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