These windows are ideal for optimal ventilation in small areas.

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Awning Windows Replacement & Installation Services

Awning windows get their name from the awning effect they create at the homes and have adorned the spaces for years. These windows are popular because you can leave them open enjoying the enhanced views even when it is raining as they are weather resistant while protecting the interior of your house. They are a great option if you need ample ventilation and can’t compromise with your house’s security and protection.

An awning window is hinged at the top and swing open rather than sliding. There is a hand crank at the bottom for opening and closing. It is similar to a casement window except it is hinged at the top whereas the casement window is hinged on the sides. Awning windows are ideal for places which are hard to reach. They can be installed up high in bathrooms, above sinks, etc. such as basements which require ventilation on the walls. Awning windows are often used in combination with the windows which cannot be operated such as picture windows. Falcon Windows and Doors offers a plethora of window options for any style home in any climate. We are also experts in window replacement in Toronto GTA and trusted for the highest quality products, reliable service, efficient installation, and competitive prices.


Aluminum Awning Window

Many apartment developers opt for this style as they are easy to maintain and they cost much less than any other materials like wood, PVC, etc. but more than vinyl.

Cellular PVC Awning Window

Cellular PVC look similar to the ones which are made with wood. This is a preferred choice for homeowners and developers as its maintenance is low and it is cheaper than wood and steel.

Fiberglass Awning Window

Fiberglass material is one of the most durable, versatile, and energy efficient materials. Moreover, it costs less than wood but more than vinyl.

Steel Awning Window

These windows are unique as their manufacturers are limited. Steel awning windows are the best choice for anyone looking for maximum security as steel is one of the strongest materials in the world. Out of all the types, steel awning windows are the most expensive ones.

Vinyl Awning Window

This material is exceptionally strong and will not rot, rust or swell. Vinyl awning windows are the least expensive type of all the other types of windows. So, if you are more concerned about the budget instead of looks, this is the best choice for you

Wooden Awning Window

Wood awning windows are a common choice among homeowners and developers as they give a classic look and style. However, the maintenance of this type is quite high because they are prone to rotting and decaying over time. On the other hand, the cost is lesser than steel but more than the other types of windows.

benefits of AWNING WINDOWS


A bigger wall opening means more sunlight and air passing through and awning windows are capable to hold large glass panels. They provide excellent ventilation and can be used even when it is raining as it is opened upwards.

Clear View

Awning windows don’t have metal rails or bars, so they give you a better view of the outside.

Easily Operable

Crank handles are easy to turn, so the opening and closing of awning windows require no effort.

Low Maintenance

With an opening angle of 90-degrees, awning windows allow easy cleaning from both the sides(inside and outside).

Weather Proof

Unlike double or single hung windows which slide over to the other pane to open or casement windows which open to the sides, awning windows are hinged from the top. These windows help to keep water out even during a heavy rainstorm.

Increased Insulation

Since this style of window is made from a single glass pane, it offers a high level of insulation unlike double or single hung windows as they have multiple joints, thus allowing air to pass through the gaps.

More Security

As these windows are installed much higher up on the wall, it becomes difficult for someone to climb through. Break-in sensors, locks, security bars, etc. can also be easily installed in awning windows.

Awning Windows Size

Most companies can install custom sizes if needed. But the standard size for awning windows is 6”x4”.

Cleaning Awning Windows

Due to its 90-degree opening feature, it creates a horizontal surface for dirt and dust to land on. In this case, you will have to clean the window more often than other styles of windows. Imagine the difficulty you’ll experience as these windows are hard to reach. If you are low maintenance owner, then the awning window is not the best choice for you. You can use a professional window cleaning service.


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