Windows and Doors Milton

Windows and Doors Milton

Falcon WD specializes in windows and doors replacement in Milton. Let Falcon WD, Milton’s premium windows and doors company help you find the best windows and doors for your home.

Milton is located 40 km west of downtown Toronto on Highway 401. It falls in the Halton region and has a population of 110,128. Between 2001 and 2011, Milton was the fastest-growing municipality in Canada, with an increase of 71.4% in population and another 56% increase from 2006 to 2011. It is expected that it will have an estimated population of 228,000 by 2031. With this, there is a demand for housing and hence, the demand for the latest styles of windows and doors. 

Falcon WD Windows and Doors is the primary choice for replacement windows and doors in Milton. Our time tested model for windows and doors replacement is designed keeping the needs of the customers as the primary focus.

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Window Replacement Milton

Window Replacement Milton

Did you know that houses with poor window insulation loose up-to 25% of heating, resulting in higher energy bills? You can avoid this by simply upgrading your windows to the ones that are more energy-efficient. By doing this you are not only saving on long term energy bills but also, enhancing the curb appeal of your home. 

At Falcon Wd Windows and Doors, we ensure through our detailed process that we deliver the highest quality work and service that you deserve. 

During our free in-house consultation, our well-trained windows replacement experts from Milton will do a detailed assessment of your existing windows. We will then give our expert opinion and make a plan for your windows replacement journey.

We will help you in choosing the right styles for your windows based on your needs. Once, you have decided on the style we will then take measurements of your windows and hence, ensure a smooth installation.

After the installation, we will discard your old windows and materials leaving your home clean and tidy.


Door Replacement Milton

Door Replacement is not only about enhancing the exterior appearance of your home, but it is also about increasing the security of your home and giving you the peace of mind. Intruders find it easier to break into older entry doors with gaps. By replacing your doors to a newer more secure option is the best way to prevent unnecessary break-ins by intruders. 

Falcon WD, is your primary door replacement option in Milton. We try to understand the needs of our customers and design their door replacement plans accordingly. Our team will show you different options with the pros and cons of each option. They will discuss with you what works best for your unique needs. 

Once, you have selected your style our specialist will take measurements and ensure a seamless installation. We take care of our customers and hence, do a proper clean-up post-installation.

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Door Replacement Milton

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Featured Window

Double Hung Window

This window style can be opened from the bottom or top sash, sliding up and down for ventilation. Double hung windows offer an amazing feature of being able to easily clean the outside of the window from inside.

Double hung windows are also known for great ventilation when both the top and bottom are opened. Warm air can escape from the top while cool air enters from the bottom.


double hung window
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