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FALCON Windows and Doors is a full service Dealer and Installer for Windows, Patio Doors and Entry Doors.


Schedule your FREE in-home, no-obligation consultation today!

Are you noticing leaky windows or drafts around doors in your home or property? 

Falcon WD specializes in door and window replacement in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, and we know it’s always the right investment.

In Toronto, new doors and windows do more than offer your property instant curb appeal with less maintenance. Replacement windows and doors in Toronto can improve security and reduce noise pollution.

Falcon WD has been providing its services to the GTA for over 10 years and has been closely working with the many communities residing in the Toronto region. With nearly a decade of expertise, Falcon WD can proudly acknowledge the quality windows and doors replacement services they provide.

Windows and doors Toronto

Key Takeaways of Replacement Windows and Doors in Toronto

We are your door and windows company in Toronto with years of experience. 

On average, homes and properties in Canada use up to 60% of their energy bill on heating over the long term, and this is how door and windows replacement in Toronto can reduce energy costs to save money: 

Ask us how argon-gas windows can improve insulation by up to 30% and how Low-E coated windows bring in natural light while blocking UV penetration by 40%.

Energy-efficient and High-quality Windows and Doors in Toronto

Falcon WD have long established their roots in Toronto and have been a key player in installing and replacing windows and doors across the city. With a reputable team of experts, Falcon WD promises to provide the highest quality of windows and doors installation services. Our experts ensure that your project is seamless and hassle-free from start to finish, by assisting you through each step of the way. Whether it be from the initial consultation, to the final clean-up of the space being worked in, we strive to provide you with the results you would like to see!

Faulty, dated and inefficient windows and doors can lead to a number of things, including high energy bills and infrastructure nuisances. Replacing your windows can allow you to save money on your bills, by ensuring your home does not lose any heat during the cooler months. While installing new and efficient doors ensures that no gaps or cracks let in any moisture, mould or mildew, guaranteeing your health is at its best. Replacing your windows and doors not only improve the functionality of your home, but also the aesthetic and value of it!

Why We Recommend Vinyl Windows

High-quality windows and entry doors can also be cost-effective. That’s why vinyl windows and doors have surged in popularity. 

Whether you’re looking for custom windows or window sizes to fit any home or property, low-maintenance, high-quality vinyl windows deliver energy efficiency.

What Are Vinyl Windows and Doors Made of?

Falcon WD in Toronto offers doors and windows made with uPVC powder compounds that are 100% lead-free. 

When you need replacement windows and doors in Toronto, you’ll appreciate vinyl construction that resists cracking, discoloration, and damage from impact events.

Why Choose Falcon WD for Windows and Doors Installation?

By choosing Falcon WD, our experts will guide you through the entire project, providing you with options that meet your requirements to ensure that your goals and objectives are met in regards to the windows and doors in your home. Falcon WD promises to value your time, and provide you with results that meet your expectations, in a timely matter.

Schedule your free in-house consultation today, and one of Falcon WD specialists will assess your home and provide you with a custom quote based on your needs and requirements.

What Makes Falcon Windows and Doors Toronto’s Leading Doors and Windows Company

As a market leader with over 12 years of experience, Falcon WD sales and customer service are proud of our near-perfect reviews on Homestars.

Our reputation as the top windows and doors contractor in Toronto means:

At Falcon WD, customers are our top priority, and our friendly, approachable sales and customer service team is here to assist you.

Vinyl windows

FAQs About New and Replacement Windows and Doors in Toronto

Does Falcon WD Offer Toronto-Made Windows And Doors?
Falcon WD windows and doors in Toronto are manufactured in Canada by Vinyl Pro, a trusted manufacturer. As the market-leading windows company in Toronto and the GTA, Falcon WD is committed to offering you the best long-term windows in Canada that are energy-saving and of the highest quality.
Are Falcon WD Replacement Windows And Doors In Toronto Covered Under Warranty?
Falcon WD offers the most comprehensive warranty package on windows and doors in Toronto. There is a 15-year guaranteed warranty on frames and a 10-year warranty on insulating glass and all hardware, including any costs for damaged products and installation issues.
Can I Get Financing On Falcon WD Door And Window Replacement In Toronto?
Falcon Windows and Doors always works with our customers to save you money. We can offer flexible financing options and payment plans for door and windows replacement projects in Toronto.
Are Falcon WD Windows And Doors ENERGY STAR-Rated For Energy Savings?
Falcon WD doors and windows in Toronto are ENERGY STAR-certified and display the gold standard ENERGY STAR emblem for energy efficiency.
What Materials Should Toronto Doors And Windows Be Made Of?
Falcon Windows and Doors recommend high-quality materials that can offer energy savings over the long term and require less maintenance. Our door selections include vinyl patio doors for great natural light and fiberglass and steel that can reduce energy costs.
Are Replacement Windows And Doors In Toronto Cheaper To Buy And Install Simultaneously?
Generally, the answer is yes, and you’ll save money when you complete the project at once rather than replacing windows and doors individually.
Are Falcon Toronto’s Doors And Windows Meant For All Canadian Weather?
Falcon WD’s ENERGY STAR-rated products include tightly-sealed, double, and triple-paned windows to keep out the coldest winter weather and allow natural light in.
Why Do Windows And Doors Get Drafty Or Leak?
Over the long term, many, if not all, original windows and doors in Toronto experience something called air and water infiltration. You’ll feel the air penetrate through older doors and windows and recognize water infiltration when you see condensation droplets on glass.
Do High-Quality Replacement Windows In Toronto Lower Energy Costs?
Falcon WD customers tell us they’ve saved up to 30% on energy costs with a windows replacement in Toronto. To save money and energy, discuss insulation and weatherproofing options with us.
How Do You Define Energy Savings And Energy Loss?
Energy loss happens when warmer air from inside a home hits a poorly insulated window and gets colder before dropping lower in a room. Remember, “heat rises.” Energy savings are measured when outside air hits a well-insulated window and less cold air penetrates the window frame or glass. Energy loss generally makes the inside more uncomfortable and can increase heating bills.
Are Falcon WD’s Window And Door Estimates Free In Toronto?
Falcon WD provides free estimates to homeowners and property owners in Toronto and the GTA. Click here to book your no-obligation, in-home estimate at a convenient time, and we’ll complete your estimate free of charge in one quick visit.
Should Windows And Doors In Toronto Home Have UV Protection?
Any home or property can benefit from UV protection, especially Low-E coating on sealed units that ensure greater comfort year-round. In the summer, Low-E coating can block more heat and UV sun rays from damaging your floors and furnishings. In the winter, UV protection can increase insulation to reduce heat loss and keep the inside temperature steady and comfortable. UV protection is cost-effective, and it can even help you save money by protecting the inside of your home.
Can Doors And Windows In Toronto Be Installed During Winter?
Falcon WD generally believes that mild—not too hot or cold—weather conditions are best for installing doors and windows. As our customer, you’re our top priority, and Falcon WD has years of experience installing our products year-round.
What Preparation Does Falcon WD Take For Window Or Door Installation?
Falcon WD customer service always puts our customers first, and our team ensures the installation is manageable. We provide every customer with a step-by-step guide to prepare for installation day quickly. We also do a walk-through with you to ensure that the installation day goes smoothly and efficiently.
Are Falcon WD Replacement Windows In Toronto Soundproof?
Falcon WD recommends the added benefits of triple-pane windows for maximum soundproofing and temperature control inside.
Does Falcon WD Correctly Measure Replacement Windows And Doors In Toronto?
Your Falcon WD sales representation accurately measures existing windows and doors during your free in-home estimate. Whether custom windows, picture windows, or awning windows, we’ll provide you with our best recommendations for replacement windows and doors.

Schedule your free in-house consultation today, and one of Falcon WD specialists will assess your home and provide you with a custom quote based on your needs and requirements!


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Based on 117 reviews
John Santos
John Santos
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
No nonsense work and quality highly recommended.
Miss Fitz
Miss Fitz
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Falcon WD was a great experience for us from start to finish. From first contact through to installation, the communication and professionalism of Alex K, Vlad & Team was outstanding. Our new windows were installed quickly and expertly. We are so happy with our new windows that we feel like we're in a new home. The photos below are before and after pictures of our kitchen. We got 11 windows done in total.
Isabella Tatar
Isabella Tatar
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I hired Falcon Windows and Doors to replace eight old windows in my house last month. I chose Alex and his team because of the knowledge and honesty he demonstrated during the quoting process. Communication was easy and efficient, and his team of installers were great. I am very pleased with the outcome, and have already recommended this company to neighbours.
shawn j
shawn j
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Friendly .. On Time .. Clean and Respectful ... Overall Excellent service. Notified on time start date and finish and job completed on time and yes. Highly recommended from my experience
Peter V
Peter V
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I've never replaced windows before and they whole process was quick and easy! Installers were professional and everything was cleaned up like they were never there!
John Nicholson
John Nicholson
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Falcon came as scheduled and did a great job installing the window with cleanup. They even re-installed our roller blinds, which was outside the contract AND customized the window box to accommodate our roller blinds. The window was manufactured and installed in a professional way
Jason Mansingh
Jason Mansingh
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
Vlad and his team were great from start to finish . They installed 2 patio doors and 6 windows.. everything was done on time and very neatly. I've used other companies before and I def will use Falcon again
Kateryna Kondratieva
Kateryna Kondratieva
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I’m totally satisfied with the FalconWD service. We’ve changed a couple windows and an outside glass door in our house. Thank you for your high level and professional work. I highly recommend FalconWD.
Bruce Chen
Bruce Chen
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Google.
I am extremely satisfied with the window installation completed by FALCON WD. Their team demonstrated remarkable efficiency and attention to detail, completing the project well before the anticipated deadline. I particularly appreciated their conscientious approach during installation, such as covering the floor vents to ensure a clean and safe work environment. We had the pleasure of enjoying our new windows just in time for the Christmas season.

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