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How to Freshen Up Your Front Door Toronto In 7 Simple Steps

Check out these seven simple steps to revitalize your front door.

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Do you want to increase your home’s curb appeal? There are certain things to consider if that’s your goal. Curb appeal refers to the attractiveness of your home from the exterior. When assessing your home’s curb appeal, you’ll want to consider exterior elements like the front door, garage door, driveway, lawn, and other things. If your front door is worse for wear and detracts from your home’s curb appeal, you don’t have to settle for the status quo. Do you want to learn how to freshen up your front door Toronto? Check out these seven simple steps to revitalize your front door and boost your home’s curb appeal.


1. Add a Coat or Two of Fresh Paint 

One of the easiest ways to give your front door the refresh it needs is to add a coat or two of premium paint. It’s a cost-effective option that will transform and revitalize your front door, regardless of the color you go with. All you need is one quart of quality paint, painter’s tape, a brush, and some time.

What color should you choose? That’s entirely up to you. You can play it safe or choose a color with some extra pop if you really want to switch up how the front of your home looks. One word of caution: Before you add a coat of paint, clean off dirt and debris. After you clean the door, it will be ready for a fresh coat. 

2. Install a Brand New Door Handle

Front door refresh

Another way to refresh your front door is by upgrading the door hardware. A brand-new door handle fits the bill. A quality door handle will last a long time. They’re also relatively inexpensive. That means you can get a quality product at a reasonable price point. The door handle will make it easier for you and your family to enter and exit the family home. It’s among the first things people will notice when approaching your front door, so make it count!

3. Adorn Your Front Door With Quality Trim 

Yet another way to revitalize your front door is by adding quality trim. It’s the perfect way to take a front door that is worn and torn and give it a makeover. For best results, paint the door before adding the trim. The door will look better than brand new with some quality paint and some ornate trim. Hire a carpenter to add molding around the front door if you want. You can also get some at a big-box store. You’ll see what a big difference some premium trim can make. Focusing on entry doors is one home improvement project you won’t regret. It’s a good way to boost the curb appeal of your home in the Greater Toronto area.

4. Get a New Doorbell

Do you have an old-fashioned doorbell on your front door? Many people still do. You should, however, upgrade to a video doorbell camera that can safeguard your home from burglary and package theft. You can also use an app to see who’s at the door remotely and communicate with visitors via two-way talk. If you don’t want a video doorbell camera, no worries. You can still upgrade your doorbell with a stylish option that complements your front door.

5. Add a Classy Knocker

Another option is to add a classy knocker to your front entry. It’s a low-cost addition, and you’ll find a wide assortment of options. A knocker adds character and charm to exterior doors. Some people prefer to knock on a door rather than press a door alarm. With a door knocker, you’ll give your visitors some options.

6. Put Up House Number

After painting your old door, how about adding house numbers? If you check out some front doors on your street, you’ll see that many homeowners don’t have them on their front doors. Your front door will stand out in a good way if you add house numbers. Don’t forget to get an appropriate size. Getting something too small will look odd, and getting something too big will eat up too much door space.

7. Lay Down the Welcome Mat

In addition to getting house numbers, you can also buy a nice welcome mat. Everyone should have a welcome mat on their front porches. The sky’s the limit in terms of options. Find something that complements your refreshed door. 

Let Falcon Windows and Doors Get You the Front Door You Want

The seven tips above are great for refreshing your old door. Are you considering how to freshen up your front door Toronto? Refreshing a door or doing door ads are options. There are times, however, when a new front door is preferable. At Falcon Windows and Doors, we don’t do door refreshes. You can rely on us for quality doors and windows, excellent installation services, and great customer service. Whether you want a stainless steel door, an energy-efficient door, or something else, we can help. Get in touch for a free quote today!

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