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Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program for Your Home

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The Ontario Window Rebate Program is an excellent initiative for Energy Star windows offered by the government. It helps make Canadian homes more energy efficient. The program will help pay for up to $600 of the cost of energy-effective windows. This rebate program is part of the government’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lower electricity costs.

The program offers rebates for window upgrades such as new windows, door replacements, and even for additions like a bay window. Here is how to qualify for the program and take advantage of it.


How Does the Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program Work?

As the Ontario government looks to continue its climate action plan, rebates are available to help you reduce your energy consumption. The province’s Energy Savings Rebate Program (ESRP) is offered through the Ministry of Energy. It provides a direct financial incentive to help homeowners, tenants, businesses, and organizations make their homes more efficient. It’s simple to apply for these rebates.

The green energy window rebate program in Ontario is a significant component of the Canadian home appliance industry. It assists individuals who replace old panes with new, energy-efficient windows. Taking swift action to implement the climate plan’s energy efficiency measures will significantly and positively impact Canada’s environment and the economy.  

The Ontario government permits small and large window retailers to participate in the program. As a result, more energy-saving products become more readily available to Canadians.

To be eligible for the program, you need to provide proof of homeownership by providing your property tax bill number. You also need to use your driving license or other official documents to show that the property is your primary residence.

While the rebate program indicates windows, it is not specific to windows only. You can get rebates for other home improvement components like boilers, doors, airtightness, insulation, and skylights.

Other Retrofits Eligible for the Rebate Program

The Ontario window replacement benefit program is a component of a more extensive program that includes rebates for various other retrofits. You can learn more about it as you read on or by visiting the government website, which contains all relevant information on the Canada Greener Home Grant.

Eligible Retrofits

Insulation for the home

Upgrade your basement/foundation, attic/ceiling, exterior wall, crawl space, and exposed floor if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Amounts up to $5,000 are available.


Air sealing is vital in improving the airtightness of your residence to achieve the desired air-change rate.

You could get up to $1,000.

Windows and doors 

Replace your windows and glass doors with ENERGY STAR® certified models to save money on energy costs.

Amounts up to $5,000 are available.

Heating and cooling systems 

Install an intelligent thermostat to help improve your comfort while also saving you finances on your energy bill ( you must combine it with another retrofit).

You could win up to $50.

Space and Water Heating

Consider upgrading to more energy-efficient heating systems to save money on your utility bills while lowering your environmental impact.

Amounts up to $5,000 are available.

Energy derived from renewable sources

Install photovoltaic solar panels to convert the solar energy into electrical current.

Amounts up to $5,000 are available.

Measures of resilience

Incentive programs encourage you to keep your home and family from environmental damage (you must combine it with another energy efficiency retrofit).

Up to $2,625 in compensation

A low rise in the sky Residential buildings with multiple units (MURBs)

Learn more about how to maximize your tax benefits if you reside in a multi-unit residential building.

Ineligible Retrofits

Applying for the Window Rebates in Ontario in 2023

Application for the Ontario window rebate program involves four steps. You can submit your application online through the Canada Greener Home Grant website. The steps are as follows:

  1. Register and book pre-retrofit evaluation
  2. Complete the eligible retrofit 
  3. Book post-retrofit evaluation and apply for reimbursement 
  4. Receive the reimbursement

The Cost of Rebate for Windows

There are three options available that one can undertake. The cost for each option depends on the window size. Here is a general breakdown.

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

The maximum amount that one can receive for these options is $5,000.

Eligibility for Reimbursement

Upgrade Your Windows with Falcon Windows and Doors

Now that the rebate program is here, there is no need to spend so much on replacing your doors or windows. By working with Falcon Windows, you can enjoy the government’s low prices on energy-saving products.

Aside from that, you will get to work with experts within the field to help you make the perfect choice for the replacements you need in your home. You can also check the different options available on our website and select one that fulfills your taste.

Please take advantage of the Ontario window rebate program by partnering with our company. Your satisfaction is our desire even as you save on your energy bills.


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