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Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program for Your Home

Replace your windows with us at Falcon WD and get $10,600 back in rebates!

Schedule your FREE in-home, no-obligation consultation today!

Have you heard about the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program introduced in January?

This program includes a windows rebate for Ontario homeowners, and this window replacement program is running between 2023 through 2027. 

A window replacement rebate in Ontario saves homeowners money in two ways. First, you’ll receive a government payback in the form of a windows rebate, and secondly, you can also lower your monthly hydro bills by making your home more energy efficient.

Any home improvement upgrade is an excellent idea. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about applying for a windows rebate in Ontario and discuss the Home Efficiency Repate Plus program.

How Does the Government of Ontario Window Rebate Program Work?

The efficiency rebate plus program is available in Ontario through a partnership with the government of Enbridge Gas and Natural Resources Canada. 

Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Program

Enbridge Gas is keeping the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program until 2027 to help Ontarians reduce their energy use.

By taking advantage of a windows rebate in Ontario, homeowners can help to fight climate change while lowering their personal energy expenses — it’s a win-win.

Home Efficiency Rebate Plus Amounts

Homeowners who qualify for making energy-efficient home improvements may claim up to a maximum of $10,600 in rebate amounts, depending on your window rebate project and eligibility. 

Who Can Take Part in Ontario’s Home Efficiency Rebate Plus?

The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program is available to all Ontario homeowners, except for the following:

Ontario homeowners must meet either of the following criteria to qualify for enhanced Enbridge Gas rebates, like a windows rebate in Ontario:

Go to Home Efficiency Rebate Plus FAQs for more information. 

How to Apply for Your 2023 Windows Rebate in Ontario

Qualifying for your windows rebate in Ontario involves these steps:

  1. To qualify for the window replacement program, begin by clicking on this questionnaire link on the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus website.
  2. Complete each page of the questionnaire and click “Next” until you’re finished (it only takes two minutes, and it’s essential).
  3. Schedule an appointment to complete a home energy assessment with a licensed and registered Energy Advisor (after you complete the questionnaire, you’ll receive a list with names of licensed and registered Energy Advisors in your area). 
  4. If you’re eligible for a windows rebate in Ontario, you can complete the retrofit through Falcon Windows.
  5. The final step to claim your windows rebate is to call back the Energy Advisor who completed your initial assessment and schedule a post-retrofit evaluation.
  6. Following your successful post-retrofit evaluation, you will receive your efficiency rebate plus program payback!

FAQ: What Is a Registered Energy Advisor?

Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program requires licensed and registered Energy Advisors to work with homeowners on the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program from 2023 to 2027.

Your Energy Advisor is qualified to answer your questions about the efficiency rebate plus program, including your eligibility for a windows rebate in Ontario. 

Your Energy Advisor is vital to this process, and they can help guide you through.

What Is the Dollar Maximum for Windows Rebates in Ontario?

The ceiling for a windows rebate in Ontario is $10,600. It breaks down this way:

What Kind of Windows Are Eligible for the Window Replacement Program?

Knowing what kind of window rebate projects are eligible for the efficiency rebate plus program is essential.

Your eligibility for a windows rebate in Ontario requires installing entirely new window units.

Here’s what that means:

Your windows rebate will only be eligible if you replace the glass, the window sash, or the window in a door with a new frame. 

Options for Your Window Replacement Rebate in Ontario

Here are your window rebate options with an approximate rebate amount per rough window opening.

OptionsApproximate amount
per rough window opening
Replacing windows or sliding glass doors with ENERGY STAR-certified models
• U-Factor of 1.22 W/m²K or less
• Energy Rating ≥ 34
Replacing windows or sliding glass doors with ENERGY STAR Most Efficient models
U-Factor of 1.05 W/m²K or less
Energy Rating ≥ 40
Replacing hinged doors, with or without sidelites or transoms ENERGY STAR-certified models
U-Factor ≤ 1.22 W/m²K or less
Energy Rating ≥ 34

For specific efficiency rebate plus program requirements that apply to your project, please refer to these links:

Are Other Retrofits Eligible for the 2023 to 2027 Rebate?

In addition to the window replacement program criteria, you may be eligible for other retrofits under the Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program. You can learn more about it as you read on or by visiting the Enbridge website.

Eligible Retrofits

Click here for specific information.

Ineligible Retrofits

Eligibility For Reimbursement

FAQ on Windows Rebates in Ontario

Let’s answer some specific FAQs about 2023 energy rebates for windows in Ontario. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What if I applied before the Home Efficiency Rebate Program started?

If you started your application and had an assessment done before January 1, 2023, you may still be eligible. Again, your registered Energy Advisor can help you with this.

Can I get rebates if I have already started renovations in my house?

Because the Home Efficiency Rebate program requires a pre-retrofit assessment by a licensed Home Advisor, any upgrades or renovations completed without an assessment are ineligible.

Upgrade Your Windows with Falcon Windows and Doors

Now that the rebate program is here, there is no need to spend so much on replacing your doors or windows. By working with Falcon Windows, you can enjoy the government’s low prices on energy-saving products.

Aside from that, you will get to work with experts within the field to help you make the perfect choice for the replacements you need in your home. You can also check the different options available on our website and select one that fulfills your taste.

Please take advantage of the Ontario window rebate program by partnering with our company. Your satisfaction is our desire even as you save on your energy bills. If you are interested in getting energy credits for windows read also about Canada’s Greener Home Grant and Loan.


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