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All You Need to Know About Awning Window Sizes

Learn how small and large awning windows differ. How to choose right awning window sizes.

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Awning windows are great option for your Toronto house. They are not only beautiful and functional but also reasonably priced. In addition, the range of window sizes, from small awning window sizes to gigantic ones, is a significant feature of this design. These well-liked windows are great for any room in the house, not just the ones that are out of reach.

It’s a smart move to install awning windows in your house to provide air circulation and shelter from the precipitation, due to their opening outward from the bottom. It is common practice to install small awning style windows higher on walls to increase privacy or to combine them with large stationary windows to improve the view. If you want to take advantage of natural light without sacrificing wall space or personal privacy, consider installing your windows at a high level.

 Read on to gain knowledge about how small and large awning windows differ.


Large to Small Awning Window Sizes

These panes of glass have hinges at the top, so they swing open and let in plenty of fresh air. Because they are so simple to open and shut, Toronto homeowners frequently combine awning windows with other types. They’re weatherproof, so you can open them even if it’s drizzling outside. The width of a typical awning window ranges from 2 inches to 3 feet and ten inches. Standard sizes range from 1’8 ′′ to 7’8 ′′.

Those needing large awning windows can install several small awning window sizes side by side to provide the desired effect. Some homeowners in milder areas may also opt for a combination of indoor and outdoor living spaces created by installing several windows.

If you have something specific in mind, consider the option of a bespoke design. Custom manufacturing may be the way to go when you need something that isn’t mass-produced but exceeds expectations.

Small Awning Window Sizes: The Perfect Fit for Your Toronto Home

small awning windows

No matter how large or tiny your awning windows are, you can have complete confidence that your Toronto home will continue to be comfortably warm even in winter because of the superior thermal insulation that these windows provide.

Different factors will determine the window for your project, the aesthetic of your home, and the function you desire it to serve. You can have awning windows in different sizes. They can range from large enough to cover an entire wall to small awning window sizes you can open when you need minimal additional ventilation. 

A skilled professional can take measurements of your home, offer guidance on the ideal size of awning window for your home, and provide price information for the windows and the labor required to install them. When you are ready to have the awning windows you have always wanted to install in your Toronto home, contact Falcon Windows and Doors Company. Even if you only need a small bathroom awning window or casement window doesn’t matter.

Awning Windows: an Excellent Choice for Any Home

These windows are an excellent addition to any home or apartment. They contribute significantly to the aesthetic value while also being simple to operate. When you work with a professional window installation company, such as Falcon WD, they will supply you with a wealth of information about everything your Toronto home requires. If you need large windows, the best solution may be to install multiple small awning windows on the available surface area.

When shopping for awning windows, look for those with the energy star label. Besides adequate insulation, they provide the best possible benefits for your home’s energy efficiency.

Partner With Falcon Wd for the Best Small or Large Awning Window Options

Many advantages exist to having small awning windows placed in your house. When it comes time to window replacement, make it a point only to buy those that have earned the Energy Star label for superior efficiency. Whether you go for small or large awning windows, they are an excellent way to save money on monthly energy bills. Additionally, they improve your home’s comfort by lowering the temperature inside during the summer and keeping the heat during the winter.

You may still hesitate about whether a small awning window size is a good choice for your house. Get in touch with Falcon Windows and Doors by filling out their form. We can go over the various options for awning windows and help you find the proper size for your Toronto home.

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