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Which Window Type Choose for Your Home?

Explore the Right Window Type

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When you’re thinking of new windows, you are faced with many options available for you. Choosing the right one may seem tricky, but it’s pretty simple. There are several different window styles to choose from, each unique benefit. For example, the casement windows work best in rooms with lots of light, and you can open them for fresh air. We give you a list of our top 10 common window types, along with their average cost to install and a little extra information to assist you in making your decision.


Window Replacement Types

The top 10 most popular window replacement types include:

1. Single Hung Windows

single hung window Any property can have single-hung windows that seem similar to the double-hung versions. But they are more preferred in coastal locations or regions with a lot of strong wind. The fixed top frame of a single-hung window distinguishes it from its double-hung cousin. Only the lower section of the window can be opened and closed. Locking the top sash reduces the risk of air penetration or leakage, which is especially important in weather-prone areas. While cleaning single-hung windows is more challenging, they are less expensive compared to the double-hung alternative as each window costs about $170 to $360.

2. Double Hung Windows

double hung window Double-hung windows are the most popular type of window you’ll find. They’re a classic American style that you can find in many home styles across this country. The first favorite of many, double-hung windows, has two tilt-in sashes, making them easy to clean. These windows are simple to operate and have the ability to let air flow through with both a bottom and top window sash that can be raised and lowered. If you have small children at home, consider double-hung windows. Single-hung windows can allow kids to climb up and hold onto the windowsill with one hand while the other goes outside the window. Double-hung windows with an operable top sash will allow fresh air to come in while keeping your children secure. The cost for installing the double-hung windows ranges between $600 and $950.

3. Awning Windows

awning windows There are two types of awning windows: There are two types of awning windows: 

When awnings open, you turn a hand crank. With these styles, you can be more flexible and safe when allowing fresh air into your home. They are usually installed in homes found in areas where it rains or experiences a lot of wind. To make sure awnings are easy to get in and out of, think about how they work. For a homeowner who has a window unit to cool their home in the summer, they will most likely not be able to install a traditional air conditioner in a crank-out window. Installing awning windows can cost anywhere between $420 to $760.

4. Casement Windows

casement windows Casement windows are operated by a hinge that allows them to open and close. The windows are opened by a crank positioned on the side of the window. The crank enables them to be opened to their maximum capacity before being snugly closed. Casement windows are designed to open completely to provide a complete view of the outdoors while allowing optimum air circulation. Casement windows are a sight to behold. They are simple to use and will not go out of vogue soon. Their design may be tailored to complement any architectural style, and they make an artistic statement that both your family and guests will appreciate. Installation costs anywhere between $299 – $1,900.

5. Arched Windows

arched windows As you’ve probably noticed, rectangular windows are commonly used in residential applications. Arched windows, also known as radius windows or arch top windows, are distinctive in their own right. They have a square bottom and a half-circle or arch on top, giving them their name. It’s possible to come across arched, half-circle-shaped windows commonly placed just above a conventional rectangular window. Like most other types of windows, arched windows can be customized in terms of color, size, and other visual design elements, such as grids or privacy glass, to suit the homeowner’s needs. These windows require less care and might provide a less obscured view. If you would like to enhance the ventilation in your home, you might want to consider replacing your existing arched windows with opening arched windows. You can use these windows with either double-hung or casement windows to create a unique look. They make it simple to manage the airflow. Arched window installation service costs range from $1,000 to $4,000, as each window unit costs anywhere between $325 to $875.

6. Picture Windows

picture windows Picture windows don’t open, so they’re ideal for framing stunning views without compromising safety. This window style is ideal for homes with hollow walls and domed ceilings. Picture windows are often combined with other window forms to produce unique layouts that enhance the home’s appeal. Also, picture windows bordered by two casements or double-hung provide panoramic views, plentiful light, and year-round ventilation. The typical cost for installing a picture window ranges from $420 to $760.

7. Skylight Windows

skylight windows Skylights and roof windows are glass openings in sloping or flat roofing intended to increase the amount of light entering a building. In addition to letting natural light in the building, if your windows are adjustable or ventilated, they can let fresh air get in if your windows can not be quite efficient. These can be a substantial cause of excessive heat increase during the summer and a significant cause of heat loss during winter, just like traditional windows. The designs of factory-manufactured skylights and roof skylights for sloped or flat roofs are available in various sizes and configurations. As an alternative to pre-fabricated glazed surfaces, skylights and roof windows can be built on-site. A skylight installation can cost anywhere from $575 and $4,625. The average rate falls at $1,863.

8. Sliding Windows

sliding windows Unlike double- or single-hung windows, sliding windows open horizontally from one side to the other. Sliding windows are common in sections of the home where a hanging window cannot be opened easily, like behind the kitchen sink or above the washer/dryer. Sliding windows are not only simple to use, but they also offer scenic views. They are generally wider than tall, allowing for unimpeded views and enough circulation in the summer.  In most cases, homeowners will spend about $725 for installing a 36″ x 36″ dual aluminum sliding window with double glass, with the median cost of replacement sliding windows ranging between $600 and $1,200. As little as $450 might be spent on the installation of a tiny single-pane vinyl sliding window measuring 36″ x 24.”

9. Bay Windows

bay windows Bay windows consist of one large picture window surrounded by two smaller sashes, double-hung, or picture windows. Bow windows have three or more equal-sized panels. The most significant distinction is in their form. Bows are curving, while bays are boxy. These types give light and richness to areas like family rooms or kitchens where you may wish to showcase portraits, seasonal decorations, or plants. From the exterior, they provide a stunning focal point. With huge vistas of nature, more brightness, and improved ventilation and circulation, bay windows add more value to any property. Installing one bay window can cost anywhere from $1,150 to $3,550, depending on the type of window.

10. End Vent Slider Windows

end vent sliding windows Sliding windows with an end vent design are a fantastic alternative for replacing windows in the living area or main bedroom. They mix a broad, magnificent view with a horizontally sliding feature to create a truly unique experience.  The end vent slider window is divided into three sections: a fixed casement at the center and sliders on either end of your window. The tilting inward feature is available in the sliding window, like on the single slider and double slider windows. It makes cleaning and maintaining end vent slider windows a breeze while also providing excellent airflow ventilation for the room. Installing sliding windows ranges anywhere between $378 and $1,285 per. The cost of replacing sliding glass windows depends on their size and material (vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, wood).

Homeowners are faced with a lot of questions and obstacles when it comes to choosing new windows for their homes. The best windows are energy-efficient, durable, and require less maintenance. The type of windows you choose will also have an impact on the aesthetic value on your house’s interior as well as exterior. 

Here are some points to consider that will help you choose your new windows:

Choosing windows

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