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Your In-Depth Guide to Sash Windows In Toronto

Discover the beauty and functionality of sash windows in Toronto with Falcon WD.

Schedule your FREE in-home, no-obligation consultation today!

We get many questions from our homeowners about sash windows. 

Even if you’ve heard of sash windows in Toronto, you may not be totally sure of what exactly this type of window is—so let’s start there!


What Are Sash Windows?

A properly maintained, modern sash window provides excellent curb appeal and character to your home.

While some traditional windows open on a hinge, sash window units have no “outward swing” operation. To open a sash window for fresh air, you slide the window either horizontally or vertically across the window frame (most sash windows slide open vertically).   

When you look at a sash window, you’ll see two parts of the window. Most sliding sash windows feature two sashes that fit into a window frame, front and back. 

Depending on your selection, you can open a sash window at the bottom of the window frame, the top, or both.

Which Part of the Window is the Sash?

The sash part of a window describes the “glazing bars” surrounding each pane of glass, as well as the “holding mechanism” that you grab to open the window by lifting it up or down in the case of a vertical sash window. 

There can be multiple panes of glass in a sash window, and the upper sash is located at the top of the window frame.

Technically, a window frame is separate and not part of the sash, but you still need a frame to surround a sash window. 

The window frame part is also essential because it hides the weighted sash cords connecting to the glass so you can easily open and lift the sash, and it stays in place.

Why Is it Called a Sash Window?

There’s some history to the meaning of sash windows, as these windows were invented by the French and brought over to England centuries ago.

Some people believe that “sash” comes from a French word. However, when sash windows became commonplace in England, the term “sash” was used by windowmakers to describe this window style.

sash windows Toronto

What Other Parts Make up a Sash Window?

To simplify it, a “sash window” now describes the whole type of window, and it also means a window that doesn’t open using a hinge.

These parts come together to make a sash window: 

Because sash windows have been around for centuries, the size of the glass panes can vary depending on the age of the window or the type of sash window that was popular during a specific era.

While double glazing is becoming a standard in glassmaking technology, some examples go back many years. 

Do I Need a Full Window Replacement With a Damaged Sash?

Sometimes, a complete window replacement isn’t necessary, but it can be hard to determine how badly your window sash is damaged without a professional opinion.

You may notice a single pane of broken glass or some cosmetic damage to the sash. In these situations, you may find that replacing the sash will solve the problem.

The most convenient and cost-effective way to know is to call an expert to examine your window sashes. While localized damage can occur, the entire window often has structural issues that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye.

How Is a Double Hung Window Different?

A double-hung window is two sashes placed in vertical groves in a window frame, with weights connected to a sash cord built within and out of view. 

Customers choose double-hung windows because they’re easy to open, and those hidden sash cords balance the weight so the window stays where you’ve opened it.

What Makes a Casement Window Different?

You know now that sash windows don’t operate on a hinge. That’s what makes a casement window different. 

Casement windows are simply a more modern window style with a hinge operation instead of a sliding action. Although the term “casement” isn’t used as much now.

The most apparent benefit of casement windows is an entirely hidden lock mechanism built into the frame. This offers security because the window is harder to force open.

Choose Falcon Windows to Choose Your Ideal Windows

Falcon WD knows the possibilities for customizing the right windows for your home. We’d be pleased to discuss the options regarding sash windows and provide you with the ideal choice!

We can offer you a wide variety of other options, including:

We specialize in creating the best look for window styles, including traditional and cottage or classic windows. The focus is on the best performance, maximum natural light and ventilation, and great views.

Falcon WD also offers many colours and hardware possibilities, sizes, and configurations—ask us about divided life or radius top configurations!

When you’re ready, contact us for a free in-home inspection. After gathering all the information on your specific window replacement and installation project, we’ll give you an accurate cost estimate.

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