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Windows & Doors Tips and Resources

The latest news on windows, doors and general home improvement.

What to Know About Canada’s Greener Homes Grant in 2023

The Canada Greener Homes Grant has received applications from Canadian homeowners like you since May 2021. Over 200,000 applicants have received over $38 million in energy-efficient grants through the Greener Homes grant program! A Canada Greener Home Grant  is a great way to save on energy costs and help the environment when making a smaller, […]


What’s Best for Your Home: Choosing Between Double Hung vs Casement Windows

Learning what type of window works for your home can seem complicated. For many homeowners, the choice comes down to double hung vs casement windows, but even after you think you’ve decided, you may still have questions such as, will double hung windows fit correctly? We specialize in making the decision between casement vs double […]


Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Toronto Home

Have you ever considered whether the air inside your home is safe? If you’ve never had the air quality in your home checked, the air might be unsafe. It pays to know how to improve the air quality in your home. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average person spends 90% of their time […]


What to do About Black Mold in Windows

When there’s black mold in windows in your Toronto home, it’s not only aesthetically unattractive. It’s also bad for your health. Black mold can also adversely affect your windows by compromising the window frames. It would help if you got any mold removed asap. Your best bet is to find the right company to get […]


Window Retrofit Vs Replacement – The Differences

When you know your home needs work on its windows – because they’re old, leaking, drafty, cracked and inefficient – you have a couple of different options to consider. The ways to go about addressing your old, worn out windows are:  window retrofit window replacement Let’s take a look at these two approaches: retrofit vs […]


All About Airtightness: Getting Your Windows and Doors More Energy Efficient

Have you noticed your energy bills going up this winter? If one or more windows in your home are the worse for wear, this can happen. According to one source, doors and windows can eliminate as much as 25% of your home’s heat loss. Airtight windows and doors are essential to energy efficiency in homes […]


Black Windows Canada: What Makes Modern Black Windows Popular?

Black windows in Canada are popular because they enhance structural beauty. Decorators and builders use black framed windows to match many interior and exterior housing styles. Professional window contractors in Canada create sleek designs for different structures like apartments, country houses, commercial buildings, and more. Replacing a traditional casement with modern black windows helps improve […]


Hopper Windows: Replacement and Installation Toronto

Hopper windows are narrow and small windows that only open inward and downward. You will typically find them in Canada installed in bathrooms or basements. What sets hopper windows apart is their capability to open oppositely. The hallmark of hopper windows is the lever handle which enables you to open the window downward and inward […]


7 Steps How to Choose Best Windows for Your Toronto House

When it comes to windows, homeowners are no longer solely concerned with whether or not they can find the right window coverings. Instead, the primary concern among consumers today is to reduce the cost of heating and to cool their homes to the bare minimum. Therefore, it’s important to know the options that will provide […]


50 Modern Windows Ideas for the Perfect Interior

If you’re planning a renovation or building a new house you’re definitely thinking about which modern windows to choose. To simplify things a bit, we have put together modern window design ideas in one article with pictures. Hopefully, this content inspires you!


What is the Difference Between Awning and Casement Windows

Window replacement is a difficult process and it is important to know the difference between windows before you choose one for your home. Each of them has its own characteristics and is suitable for you in different ways. In this article, we will provide you with information concerning awning and casement windows. With reading this you will learn the basics of those types and easily solve your dilemmas in choosing one over the other.