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Windows and Doors Replacement in Thornhill from Falcon WD

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Most of Thornhill now has many modern homes, meaning many owners are also considering things like stylish and energy-efficient windows and doors. Even some of the older homes now know the value of replacing their old crackly windows/ doors with brand-new ones. 

The challenge is finding the right contractor to install them properly. Falcon Windows and Doors Thornhill team helps to improve your home’s overall curb appeal, energy efficiency, and security. 

With 10+ years of experience, we quickly assess your home’s requirements and design the most suitable windows and doors. Here are 7 reasons why you can trust us:

replacement windows thornhill

1. Our Replacement Windows Thornhill Team Has Massive Experience

We have been serving Thornhill homeowners for many years, and our goal is to provide high-quality window and door products. Our staff also ensures the entire process goes without a hitch.

2. We Use the Highest Quality Materials

High-quality materials are critical not just for durability but for the safety features that they provide. Top quality also reduces the amount of money you can spend on service, maintenance, and repair.

We use materials such as vinyl, and fiberglass. These super materials are long-lasting and unbreakable in case of intrusion or burglary.

We also recommend you enhance overall security with quality locks, ensuring no one accesses your home uninvited.

3. Our Windows and Doors Are Energy Efficient

Many residential and commercial properties account for a considerable percentage of gas emissions since heat moves from a warm area in your space to the outer cold area. By switching to new doors, you reduce your carbon footprint considerably.

Our high-quality windows and doors enhance energy efficient windows and doors reduce the amount of heat that goes out. But they also prevent your HVAC from overdrive, helping lower energy bills in your home or office.

4. Our Window Replacement Thornhill Team Creates Custom Designs for Windows and Doors

We know that each window replacement/installation need is unique. So we ask you to visit our showroom to peruse the enormous window/ door catalog.

The next step is for our Thornhill windows replacement expert crew to come to your property, assess, and carry out the actual measurements within the wall space. Doing so ensures that any window replacement is a perfect fit.

The dedicated window replacement Thornhill team also stains and paints your windows and doors to match your exterior and interior décor.

5. Our Replacement Windows Quote in Thornhill Is Free and the Price is Affordable

The typical window/ door replacement and installation market is huge and reasonably competitive in Thornhill. We take the cue and provide only the highest quality window/door products and services at the most attractive rates.

We often discuss your budget and give you a list of options in our catalog. Regardless of how limited your budget is, we will try to find something of high quality that meets your style and needs and is reasonable. Finally, our replacement windows quote in Thornhill comes without any hidden charges.

6. We Provide Excellent Customer Service

If there is anything that sets Falcon WD from the rest, it is our warm, friendly and responsive customer support team. Our window replacement services in Thornhill will quickly attend to your needs. We keenly listen and answer all your questions regarding the project.

We are also open to discussing with you any other thoughts or options that you might have. Similarly, we provide our advice, guidance, and recommendations to ensure the project you initially had in mind comes to reality.

7. Our High Reputation Speaks for Itself

Falcon Windows and Doors enjoys excellent customer reviews on reputable sites. For example, we have a rating of 98% from our customers on Homestars. Our window replacement services in Thornhill always ensure optimal window performance for any project we undertake and avoid sloppy, poor craft at all costs.

Final Remarks

replacement windows thornhill

A knowledgeable windows and doors contractor can save you vast amounts of money in costly repairs. Trust Falcon Windows and Doors to treat your home as our own and provide quality windows and doors replacement services.

Call our replacement windows Thornhill experts at (647) 977-1010 anytime. We’ll offer you a free, no-obligation windows and doors consultation that meets your needs.


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