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Energy Efficient Windows: All That You Need to Know

Improve Your Home's Energy Efficiency by Updating The Old Windows

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Any homeowner who desires an energy-efficient house should make installing windows with the energy star rating a top priority. The energy required for household heating and cooling increases by 25 and 30 percent due to heat loss and heat gain through windows. 


Advantages of Energy Star Windows

When choosing types of windows for your new construction or replacement project, it is essential to select U-factor windows that are both affordable and best fit the climate in your area.

Taking measures to limit the energy lost via windows in your home can make it cozier and help save on your monthly energy bills, provided that the windows you already have are in excellent condition.

If you want to increase the luxury of your energy-efficient house and reduce the energy wasted through the windows, you may choose between these two approaches:

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency by Updating The Old Windows

Modifying your energy-saving double-glazed windows can be a cost-effective choice to boost the convenience of your home and save money on your energy costs, provided that the windows are still in good shape. You can take several actions to increase the effectiveness of your current windows:

Take the necessary precautions to verify that it installed your efficiency improvements correctly, and then recheck the area for any air leaks you may have missed.

Replace the Windows in Your Home by New Energy Efficient Types

If you want to replace the windows with new types of windows, you will have several choices regarding the window type and the method of window replacement you will apply.

You may replace new windows in existing frames. Talk to the retailer where you buy your windows to learn if this is an option that works for you.

In addition, you will need to choose the features you’d like to be included in the windows. It would be best if you made the following choices:

The Process of Selection of Energy Efficient Windows

energy efficient window installation Ontario, Set of different windows isolated on a white background

Besides selecting the sort of window you want, you will also need to consider the design, energy efficiency and warranties and labeling, and the correct installation method.

First, look for the ENERGY STAR label when buying new windows. Then review the energy performance label ratings from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) to find the most efficient windows for your needs.


The ENERGY STAR badge should be your ‌priority when purchasing new windows. The next step is to look at the ratings on the energy performance label provided by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) to determine which windows save energy.

Tips on Choosing the Right Energy Efficient Window

Energy Efficient Windows Installation

Even the best energy-efficient window needs an excellent installation to guarantee the desired level of comfort and energy efficiency. Installing your windows should only be done by skilled professionals following the instructions provided by the manufacturer; failing to do so could void your warranty.

How windows are installed differs according to the kind of window, the material from which the house is constructed (wood, masonry), the outside cladding (stucco, wood siding, brick), and the climate-controlling barrier, if any of these are present.

It is imperative that the flashing, air sealing, and windows be installed under the guidelines provided by the manufacturer for optimal performance.

Energy Efficient Windows Installation in Ontario from Falcon WD

Falcon Windows and Doors uses its nearly ten years of knowledge, experience, top-notch service, and solid reputation to create and offer excellent services for replacing windows and doors. Reach us today for the installation of your energy efficient windows!

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