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FALCON Windows and Doors is a full service Dealer and Installer for Windows, Patio Doors and Entry Doors.


Schedule your FREE in-home, no-obligation consultation today!

Windows & Doors Installation & Replacement Service in Ajax, Ontario

Founded back in 2010, Falcon WD has been serving the Ontario region for over a decade. The company has been able to solidify its roots and grow exponentially in the last couple of years. Falcon WD now provides its windows and doors replacement services to the city of Ajax and has committed itself to becoming the top choice for homeowners looking to upgrade their windows and doors fixtures. We understand how challenging and time consuming it can be taking on a project that requires to remove, replace and install new windows and doors, which is why we’re here looking to provide you with an easy and quick turnaround experience.

Windows Replacement in Ajax

Creating a great customer experience is at the top of our lists, it is integral to us as a company that we deliver on your requirements, provide you with a great and stress-free experience and ultimately leave you feeling 100% satisfied with your new windows and doors. Our team of experts have an abundance of experience when it comes to installing windows and doors, and you can be rest assured that your project is in good hands. Falcon WD will assist you throughout every step of the project, including choosing the perfect windows and doors for your home, prior to installation.

Falcon WD recommends inspecting your windows and doors every few years, and if necessary, it is crucial that you upgrade them as having outdated windows and doors can result in a number of problems. Windows start showing signs of age when they’re no longer able to retain heat during the cooler months, dated windows are known to lose up to 25% of heat during the winter. This can highly impact your finances, as this will result in you using more energy which will inevitably be reflected on your utility bills. The minute small cracks and gaps begin to appear on your door, this is a sign that indicates it is time to upgrade and update your doors. Outdated and dysfunctional doors can impede your health and security, as well as welcome unwanted guests into your home, such as mould, mildew, moisture, and intruders.

Windows Installation in Ajax

Schedule your free in-house consultation today, and one of Falcon WD’s experts will evaluate and assess your home and provide you with a custom quote based on your requirements and needs. We strive to deliver each and every project in a timely and efficient manner, that will leave you satisfied with the end results.

Home Window Replacement Ajax

Now is the perfect time to get your summer or fall window replacement project organized. In Ajax, Durham Region, and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area. Falcon Windows is your go-to window replacement service provider, from start to finish. Take advantage of one-stop shopping for all your window needs, from consultation right through to installation:

  • Experience and expertise – Falcon Windows and Doors has over 10 years’ worth of successful installations and clients, in Ajax, Durham, and across the GTA.
  • “Best of 2021” and “Best of 2023” winner on HomeStars – a 98% “Star Score” – the dozens and dozens of glowing client reviews speak for themselves.
  • Free in-home consultation – an expert from Flacon Windows will sit down with you, assess your specific needs, and provide you with a custom window replacement proposal.
  • Top quality window designs – from Vinyl-Pro; a leader in window replacement systems.  Beware knock-offs or low-quality window solutions with a low price. With Falcon Windows, you are assured of quality from the word go.
  • A fully stocked showroom – prepare to be dazzled – it’ll be worth the drive, should you want to see some beautiful, full-size installed window assemblies.

The Falcon Windows Difference

There are some great reasons to consider Falcon for your window replacement project, including:

  • Beautification of your home – from the inside and outside. Not only will new windows make your indoor world more attractive and satisfying, they will also enhance your home’s curb appeal and resale value. Window replacement is a proven, sound investment.
  • Falcon Window systems come with the Energy Star label – your window upgrade will reduce energy consumption, making a real difference to both heating and air conditioning costs, all year round. 
  • Home comfort – at the same time as lowering your bills with your new energy efficient windows, you will also be eliminating those pesky drafts, hot spots, cold spots, and humidity/dryness issues in your house. Top quality window installations from Falcon ensure increased home comfort.
  • Low maintenance – your new window installation will only require periodic cleaning to keep them sparkling and beautiful. High quality window replacements mean less maintenance and less chance of premature issues or breakdown.
  • High quality – Vinyl-Pro windows, installed by Falcon, offer long-term performance; with your Falcon Window replacement, you are assured the project is done right the first time.

Window Replacement Warranty, Ajax & Surrounding – from Falcon Windows

You can rest easy, knowing that your Falcon Windows replacement project is backed by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty that is fully transferable. Should  you sell your home, the new owners will still reap the benefits of the Falcon window system warranty. Talk about peace of mind. You’ll understand why Falcon can be so confident, through the entire consultation process and on to the installation by the assigned team of window installation experts.

Home Window Replacement Ajax Cost

Your window replacement project, of course, will be custom to your specific needs, i.e. the number of windows, window type, size, etc. Here is a typical range you can expect for a variety of window types:

TypeInstalled Cost
Double-Hung$299 – $850
Single-Hung$299 – $600
Fixed & Picture$299 – $1,200
Casement$299 – $1,900


Upgrade your windows and doors with Falcon WD and get either up to $10,600 in rebates with Home Efficiency Rebate Plus program or up to $5,600 in rebates and/or $40,000 interest free loan with Canada’s Greener Homes Grant And Loan! If you’ve been thinking about installing new windows or doors, don’t miss your chance to save your money and play your part in saving the environment!

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Window Replacement Ajax – FAQs

When is it time to replace my windows?

If you are in an older home, chances are your windows could stand an upgrade even without obvious signs of deterioration.  That’s because they were not designed to be energy efficient originally.  On lower quality, but newer windows, you’ll start to notice the signs of deterioration and failure from:

These are all signs that your windows may be in need of replacement; it’s never a good idea to delay, either – these conditions will not get better, or less expensive to address with time.

Is a window replacement project tax deductible?

While your new windows may not be deductible on your tax return, there are several incentive programs out there for which you may qualify.  Get some additional information here and here.

Can I use one of Falcon’s replacement window systems on a new home construction?

You should contact Falcon Windows and Doors with your specifics and you’ll get advice on the best way to proceed.

What was the Green Ontario Fund? Is there a way to get a rebate on my window replacement project with this program?

The Green Ontario Fund was introduced in 2018 by the then Liberal government as an incentive for Ontarians to make energy efficient upgrades to their home. It was subsequently discontinued by the current Conservative government. Still, you may be able to qualify for some financial incentives as outlined by Natural Resources Canada or Enbridge Gas.

Are there standard sizes for replacement windows?

Yes, window systems come in a range of standard sizes.  That said, when you get your free in-home consultation from Falcon Windows and Doors, everything will be carefully measured to determine the appropriate sizes and dimensions of each opening.  

Falcon WD Windows and Doors is your friendly and knowledgeable expert in installing windows of any type. Contact us today!


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