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Custom Windows Installation and Replacement in Toronto: All You Need to Know

Explore all about pros and cons of installing custom vinyl windows.

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 If there is ever an essential fixture for your home, it is the custom windows. Besides the extra security and beauty elements these windows provide, they also help cut down on energy bills. Modern homes have the advantage of highly versatile window features that match the house’s design, style, and budget. Still, they are also practical home upgrades that help accentuate the aesthetic aspect of your home, increasing its resale value. 


 What Exactly Are Custom Windows?

The design nature of custom windows is that they meet a specific style. Custom windows are specifically built to fit the particular window demands of a home. They move away from the one-size-fits-all narrative and cater to various design possibilities based on the homeowner’s requests.

The considerable advantage of custom windows is that they meet all the specifications in form, size, shape, and grill options. They also subscribe to your color and texture preferences. At the end of it all, you have a functional window accessory that pleases you and serves its primary practical purpose. 

Types of Custom  Windows

A vast catalog of custom replacement windows exists, and a typical homeowner would be confused with the wide range of possibilities and options. Some of the window types that go well with modern houses include:

 Custom Vinyl Windows

The debate between custom wood and custom vinyl windows still rages. However, vinyl remains popular because of its ability to cut down energy costs. Their insulation capabilities are extremely high, hence energy-efficient. Many homeowners’ busy lives mean little time for window maintenance, and vinyl fits within that specification, as they do not require routine maintenance.

Custom Awning Windows

These are also an excellent choice for many homeowners due to pivoting to top-mounted hinges. It’s a unique feature that elevates the window much higher for more ventilation and moisture, which helps protect your home from the elements. Areas with extreme rain conditions do well with these window types because of how they open outward. Finally, if you are looking for that stylish contemporary look, you will find it in the custom awning windows. 

Custom Sliding Windows

These window types slide horizontally along the frame. Their popularity lies in the fact that they are energy-efficient, highly durable, and allow smooth operation. They are also low maintenance. 

Casement windows

Many people request case windows because of the extra security aspect they provide. These custom windows also come in various designs, colors, and curves that can help compliment your home’s architectural design. 

 Advantages of Custom Windows 

custom windows

Many advantages come with replacing your old cranky windows with new custom replacement windows. For instance:

 Beautiful custom window designs help match your home’s interior and exterior, creating an impressive look. And since custom windows fit within your color size and shape preferences, you can quickly commission only those that match your style and increase the curb appeal. 

Custom windows remain valuable because of their unique insulation properties, which prevent air loss. There isn’t too much strain on your HVAC unit, which eventually helps reduce energy costs in your home throughout the season. The double or triple-paned models are best because they provide even better insulation for your home. Here we have a great post on energy efficient windows if you want to know more about it.  

Custom, unlike standard windows, are made to fit within the walls of your home. The size determination happens before the installation, so fixing them takes less time and effort. 

 If there is anything homeowners desire, it’s the flexibility in designing every aspect of their home upgrades. Custom windows provide that. You can style the windows to your ultimate taste and look unique from your neighbor’s window installation.

 Additional accessories on double and triple pen custom windows ensure you are safe and secure. These windows restrict noise pollution, and the grids and locks keep your home safe from intrusion and burglary. 

Disadvantages of Custom Windows

Custom Windows are your ultimate go-to window upgrade option. However, there are a few drawbacks you should expect. For instance:

You might have to wait a bit longer for your custom window to arrive on your doorstep because of the complex nature of creating a window that fits your preference. The manufacturer could take a month or slightly more to deliver. Generally, the higher the demand, the longer you might have to wait.

Anything custom-made carries a higher price tag because of the design and style needs of the customer. The manufacturer takes extra time, effort, and expensive materials to create the window of your choice. Hence the enormous cost of the custom windows.

Request for Your Custom Replacement Window Today  

The process of getting your custom replacement windows is easy. All you need is to describe what you need. Our highly experienced custom window installation team will show you the design catalog and grille options to know your style and preference. 

Any custom window we provide matches the exact size, color, curve, and finish you envisioned. Nothing can ever go wrong because you work closely with knowledgeable and hands-on staff.

We will help and guide you in picking a window that fits your home and style. We will size it precisely to your specifications if you need a window a little taller, shorter, or wider. For your historic property or imaginative restoration, our handcrafted windows are the ideal choice.   


The best investment you can make for your home is to upgrade it with custom windows. These stylish windows provide security, comfort, and curb appeal, adding to your home’s resale value. You can also reduce those enormous amounts of energy bills by installing these vinyl windows.

Please feel free to schedule an in-home consultation, measurement, and estimate with our custom window replacement experts at Falcon Windows and Doors

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