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Windows & Doors Tips and Resources

The latest news on windows, doors and general home improvement.

Benefits of French Doors Installation in Your Toronto Home

If you want the doors in your Toronto home to exude class, prestige, and refinement, you’ll want modern French doors. They’re the type of door style that is always in vogue. They effortlessly bring together two essential qualities — open windows and a grand entrance aesthetic. But they don’t just look great. They also offer […]


Patio Door Installation

If you’re thinking about installing a new partio door here’s an ultimate guide how to find the right door for your house from choosing the design to dealing up with the contractor.


Why Replace Your Patio Doors this Summer?

Enjoying life on your cool looking patio during a hot summer day? Living the dream, right? But just as everything in our homes, patio doors can get outdated. Whether aesthetically or efficiently, if old or improperly chosen, these fancy doors can make our lives a living hell.