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Benefits of French Doors Installation in Your Toronto Home

What to consider when buying French Doors? Learn it here.

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If you want the doors in your Toronto home to exude class, prestige, and refinement, you’ll want modern French doors. They’re the type of door style that is always in vogue. They effortlessly bring together two essential qualities — open windows and a grand entrance aesthetic. But they don’t just look great. They also offer other benefits for your Toronto residence.

To help you figure out of doors are right for your home, we have put together a list of reasons why exterior french doors for your house are worth the investment.


What Are French Doors Anyway?

The first question on your mind might be “what are French doors”? They are a kind of hinged door containing glass panels that usually extend from the floor to the ceiling. Many Toronto homeowners use them as exterior doors leading to their back decks or patio decks. They can also be used as interior doors between sections of your home. They have an asymmetrical appearance with two doors open toward the center.

The Benefits

french doors Toronto

More Natural Light

Natural light brings loads of health benefits. For instance, it boosts vitamin D intake, keeps seasonal depression at bay, leads to a higher quality of sleep, improves your mood, and more. One of the benefits of this doors is that you’ll get more natural light flooding into your home. The extra glass will increase the amount of light getting indoors, so these doors can make any room a more pleasant place to spend time.

Better Ventilation

French door installation means you’ll never have issues with ventilation since the doors can open completely. You can harness the cool breezes during the spring and summer months to keep the interior of your home at a comfortable temperature. That means you’ll save money since you won’t have to rely too heavily on your air conditioner.

Boost Aesthetic Appeal

One reason to install this doors is that they suit different types of homes whether rustic, modern, traditional, or industrial. French doors share similarities with sliding patio doors. But the difference is that they are constructed with wider bottom door frames compared to the top frames and side frames.

Higher Property Valuation

When it comes to investing in and installing French doors, it’s about more than merely aesthetic appeal. You can also potentially boost the valuation of your home. You might find that your doors are the feature that ultimately leads to a home purchase offer you can’t refuse.

Optimal Indoor-Outdoor Connection

Do you want there to be a synergy between your indoor and outdoor spaces? One way to do so is by getting larger windows. You can use them to fill wide interior door openings, and this can afford a seamless transition between rooms. Installing these doors can help to make your outdoor living space feel like an extension of your indoor living space.

Improved Security

One myth you might have heard about installing these doors is that they’re less secure than other types of doors. But this is just a misconception. All the doors we sell and install are equipped with multi-point locking systems. Security is not an afterthought.


French doors come in various sizes and materials. That means they can fit a range of design styles. Most homeowners get them made from wood, vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and steel. While clear glass is the norm, you can select opaque glass for an extra layer of security.

The Potential Drawbacks of French Doors in Toronto

Can Be Expensive

Installing a French door or more than one throughout your home will cost you. If you want the cheapest door possible, you’ll probably want to skip this doors. They’re premium doors, but they can add value to your residence. The materials and the door size will factor into the total cost for doors.

Low Energy Efficiency

These doors are not as energy efficient as many other types of doors. They have exposed gaps, and these gaps are hard to seal. They also must be opened more fully and for more extended periods than is the case with sliding fiberglass doors.

What to Consider When Buying French Doors in Toronto

French Doors Toronto

Are you considering getting these doors for your home? If so, consider the following:

Double French Doors

Most homeowners in Canada want door options where both doors an open. These types are double doors and have hinges on both sides. One serves as the main operational one and the other has pins at the bottom and top so it can be secured or opened as needed.

Single French Door

It has a couple of doors, but one is completely stationary. The operable door can have hinges on the left or right side. You’ll want to consider this option if there are space restrictions in your home.

Inswing French Door

This type of door opens inside the house. The hinges are protected inside the house, and this affords better insulation.

Outswing French Door

You’ll want to consider an outswing French door if interior space will make opening inward all but impossible. You should have the roof above this door set up properly. Otherwise, it could leak.

Steel French Door

Most these doors are constructed out of steel. The reason for this is that most of these doors are exterior doors — and most steel doors come in white from the factory. Steel doors are also more cost-effective than many other types of doors.

Fiberglass French Door

Go for this option if you want to stain your French door so it has a wooden look. You’ll get a more luxurious look, particularly with SDL Grills to achieve the old French door ambiance.

Painted French Door

You can get your doors painted any color you like. White has traditionally been the norm, but go with whatever you like. Black French doors with black steel hinged patio doors are increasing in popularity.

Secure French Door

One of the benefits of French doors is the security aspect. The frame material and glass size are essential. But don’t overlook the lock. This door needs a dedicated deadbolt and a separate handle. A two-in-one combination might be convenient and cheaper, but go with a dedicated deadbolt and a separate handle. A multipoint lock handle will boost the security of your French doors. The glass is difficult to break since it is tempered and there are double panes of glass. There is an option to upgrade to a triple-glazed option. That means more security and better soundproofing.


French doors are so popular. Why is this?

These doors allow a lot of natural light to flood into your home, are highly functional since they can open wide, offer unparalleled aesthetic appeal, and more.

When should I choose French doors?

Consider them when you need patio doors or if you want interior doors. French patio doors usually open to a deck on the first floor of your residence. Interior doors are in entryways between the kitchen, dining room, or living room.

How should I install French doors? 

Buying and installing doors is one way to add sophistication and style to your residence. You can assess the various installation methods and determine which one is best for the doors you buy.

Your best bet is to hire a professional. You can retain a private contractor, hire a local home improvement retailer, or do it yourself. The first two options are better, however. If you get a professional to install your French doors, the professional will ensure it’s done to your exact specifications.

Falcon WD French Door Installation in Toronto and GTA

At Falcon Windows and Doors, we’re well known for our high-quality products, professional installation, and top-notch customer service. You can also count on us for competitive and transparent pricing. We’re doing something right since we’ve become the top window and door replacement business in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

Most homeowners don’t buy windows and doors all that often. We understand that. Getting new doors or windows takes a tangible investment, and it’s something that you’ll have for a long time. Reach out to us at Falcon WD Windows and Doors to set up a free in-home consultation with one of our representatives. We’ll be pleased to discuss your options for door purchase and installation.

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