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Oakville windows and doors: replacement, Installation Services

Established in 2010, Falcon WD started as a small business providing its window and replacement services across a variety of different cities in Ontario. Fast forward ten years later, and what was once a small business, is now a leading competitor.

Over the years Falcon WD has expanded its services to Oakville, a growing city that has welcomed many homeowners over the years. Falcon WD’s mission since 2010, has been to provide homeowners with exceptional and professional window and door replacement services. We have long strived to create a memorable experience for all of our clients, in the sense where they feel supported all throughout the project, and their needs and requirements are met.

Falcon WD has an established team of specialists that are ready to assist you from the initial consultation to the final steps of your window and door installation project. We are available to you at all times throughout your project, as we are determined to meet all of your expectations and objectives. Updating components of your home is always a daunting task, which is why we’re here to make it quick and easy for you. Falcon WD is here to assist you throughout every step of the way, and we will help you determine the right window and door fixture for your home all while considering your necessities, as well as the aesthetic aspects of your abode.

There are many elements to a home and upkeeping it can be difficult sometimes. With so many things to consider when taking care of your home, we sometimes forget about the most basic but crucial elements such as our windows and doors. As time goes on, just like anything else in your abode, windows and doors can become dated and malfunctional. If you’re beginning to notice high energy bills, then maybe you should consider getting your windows inspected. It has been said that with faulty windows, you risk the chance of losing 25% of the heat generated during the cooler months. When it comes to doors, it is crucial that they performer to their highest standard. If you’re beginning to notice moisture in your home, it can be due to the cracks and gaps that begin to form on your door over time. If this is not addressed, your risk allowing moisture to continue to build in your home which can quickly develop into hazardous mould and mildew. Replacing your door is not just about upkeeping the look of your home, but it is also to ensure that your home is equipped with maximum security.

Schedule your free in-house consultation today, and one of Falcon WD’s specialists will assess and evaluate your home free of charge! We will then provide you with a custom quote based on your requirements, as well as the condition of your current windows and doors. Falcon WD continues to strive to deliver on each and every project in a timely and efficient manner, that will leave you satisfied with your new windows and doors.




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