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What is the Best Material for an Exterior Door?

The benefits and drawbacks of various materials in detail

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Exterior doors enhance the security, visual attractiveness, and insulation of a home’s entryways; therefore, it is crucial to consider these factors before buying an exterior door and selecting the material for its construction. This article will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of various materials in detail.


The Best Materials for Exterior Doors

Aluminum, fiberglass, steel, wood, and vinyl are the most common materials for making exterior doors. Most likely, you will use two or more of these parts together in a modern front door system.

Wood Exterior Doors

yellow wooden doorWood is warm and inviting because of its natural beauty and strength. With more ways to personalize it, a wood exterior door can go with any style. For a look that fits your home, go for the warm glamour of mahogany or the spectacular rustic beauty of walnut. Each wooden front door is unique because no two pieces of wood are the same. 

The Pros of Wood Exterior Doors 

Wood has long been the preferred material for exterior doors, and it’s simple to see why: it’s both attractive and highly adaptable. You can choose from several blocks of wood and finishes to complement your home’s interior design, including paint colors that fit your decor and varnishes that accentuate the wood’s natural beauty. Fir, mahogany, maple, pine, and oak are a few options. 

You can also trim wood to match your entranceway, making it possible to create an entryway of any size or shape. A robust wood-veneer door is a more cost-effective option than solid wood. A solid-core door has a lower tendency to warp and has a higher insulating value than a hollow-core door. Thick panels, rails, and stiles, just like with any wood door, are the best choice for durability and strength.

The Cons of Wood Exterior Doors

The disadvantage of using wood doors is that they can droop, distort, and peel over time, especially when exposed to the outdoors regularly. As a result, it is best to use wood in shaded areas or in combination with a storm door. You can consider weather stripping for purposes of insulation and durability. Wood doors will require frequent maintenance, such as repainting, to keep them looking their best.

Exterior Steel Doors

open steel doorSteel is naturally strong, gives additional longevity, and is relatively simple to maintain. Steel is among the most weather-resistant building materials available, and it has a sleek, clean appearance that requires no maintenance and increases curb appeal season after season. 

The Pros of Steel Exterior Doors

Insulated steel is highly regarded for its energy efficiency, protection, and long-lasting performance. Compared to wood doors, steel doors have a much better insulating value, up to five times more in some cases. Besides that, they are the safest exterior doors for your property and require the least amount of upkeep. 

They are available in various styles and colors, though not as much as wood doors. You can paint them any color. Wood and fiberglass doors are more expensive than steel ones, typically less costly.

The Cons of Steel Exterior Doors

Steel doors will not warp, but they will dent and rust over time. Their embossed wood-grain coatings do not have the same aesthetic appeal as natural wood, and specific finishes may need periodic repainting to maintain their appearance. On the other hand, you can’t reduce the size of steel doors to accommodate an existing frame.

Fiberglass Exterior Doors

brown fiberglass entry doorA high-quality fiberglass product delivers the benefits of handiwork, flexibility, and convenience right to your door. Fiberglass exterior doors are exceptionally durable, resisting distortion, dents, and decay while standing up to the rigors of extreme weather. Care and upkeep are kept to a minimum, and performance remains consistent throughout the year. 

You can personalize your design and make it fit the style of your home by adding grilles, glass, hardware, and other decorative elements.

The Pros of Fiberglass Doors

Isolated fiberglass doors are constructed of a variety of composite materials. Fiberglass, like steel, is both more secure and more energy-efficient than wood. These doors are substantial and long-lasting, and they require less upkeep as a result. Their wood-like finishes are convincing and beautiful without the risk of warping, and they offer a wide range of coloring and painting options.

The Cons of Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors have a few drawbacks, the most significant of which is that they are vulnerable to discoloration. They are, not surprisingly, one of the most expensive solutions available; higher-end wood doors and fiberglass doors are typically priced in a similar range.

Aluminum Exterior Doors

glass entry doorDurability and the ability to be modified easily are why aluminum is a widely used material for external doors. Aluminum is only one-third the mass of steel, making it an extremely light metal. Aluminum is also solid. It is a regularly employed component in many construction projects to achieve this. Because the material is also relatively simple to finish, homeowners will have an easier time updating the appearance of their front door.

The Pros of Aluminum Exterior Doors

The most significant advantages of aluminum doors are their long-term durability, strength, and structural stability. Aluminum is famous for its excellent strength and durability. Aluminum-based products have a long shelf life of several decades. They frequently outlast products manufactured from other materials that are comparable in appearance. 

Another significant feature of these doors is their ability to tolerate a wide range of climatic conditions. Because they have wood-grain or sleek finishes that are resistant to chipping and rusting, they require very little upkeep. Aluminum is most often used to make storm doors and frames for patio doors.

The Cons of Aluminum Exterior Doors

The discoloration caused by water is one of the drawbacks of these doors. If your structure is in a consistently damp environment, particularly one that receives a lot of rain, you can expect to see some stains on the doors. These doors are also more expensive than doors made of other materials, thereby another drawback.

Vinyl Exterior Doors

black entry doorVinyl exterior doors are low-maintenance and energy-efficient, and they maintain their appearance for years. These low-maintenance patio doors won’t require painting, staining, or other care. In addition to adding strength and longevity, multi-chambered frames aid in avoiding the warping, sagging and bowing of the frame. Vinyl patio doors come in three different operation types: sliding, hinged, and multi-slide. Vinyl patio doors provide style flexibility with a variety of exterior color possibilities.

The Pros of Vinyl Exterior Doors

Vinyl is a common material for patio door frames, and it is often the least expensive of the frame options available. The advantage that vinyl doors bring is that they are reasonably priced while providing exceptional durability. Compared to other materials, vinyl frames are more energy-efficient and require less maintenance, though you will have limited color and style options.

The Cons of Vinyl Exterior Doors

When the PVC doors are exposed to direct sunlight for a lengthy period, they may become brittle and crack.

Since the front of your home is immediately exposed to the sun, you will need to consider this when selecting your home’s exterior door. Vinyl home doors can be long-lasting, but they are not particularly strong.

Deciding on a door might be difficult, but you can’t go wrong with today’s contemporary designs and high-performance components. Whatever material you choose, your new doors will almost certainly surpass your old ones in energy efficiency. If you are unsure about the material to use, speak with a professional who can advise you on the best possibilities available.

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