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FALCON Windows and Doors is a full service Dealer and Installer for Windows, Patio Doors and Entry Doors.


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Windows and Doors Replacement, Installation Services in Brampton, Ontario

Having been in the business for nearly 10 years, Falcon WD prides itself on the quality craftsmanship it has been providing to families and their homes across Ontario. Falcon WD has been able to create a team of specialists that can confidently provide window and door replacement services and solutions for your home. With the expertise and experience, Falcon WD has been able to extend its window and door installation services to the Brampton region.

We are proud to acknowledge that we have been able to create a lasting impression and relationship with the many communities in the city of Brampton and have been able to become the number one choice for those looking to update or replace their windows and doors. No matter the size of the project, our team of specialists will proudly assist you throughout the project from start to finish to ensure your experience is hassle-free and worthwhile.

It is crucial to ensure that your windows and doors are up to date, as having faulty and inefficient windows and doors can lead to a number of problems, high energy bills and possible infiltration of mould, mildew and moisture. Dated windows have been proven to be unable to retain heat during the colder months, resulting in higher energy bills due to the surplice of heat production. Inefficient doors often have cracks and gaps that aren’t noticeable at first, therefore allowing possible moisture into the house that can quickly develop into forms of mould and mildew.

Windows and Doors in Brampton

Are Your Windows Outdated? We Specialize in Replacement Windows in Brampton

Falcon WD is your window contractor in Brampton. As a trusted window company across Ontario, we specialize in door and window replacement in Brampton and throughout the province.

When you want windows or doors replaced in your Brampton home, call Falcon WD’s customer service team to arrange a free quote!

In Brampton, our modern windows and doors are like a makeover for your home. We can customize windows for the best curb appeal, and our beautiful selection of vinyl windows is a wise way to increase comfort in your home and lower energy bills.

If you’re looking for new doors or window installation in Brampton, we have window frames or doors in Brampton to suit your home and budget.

Our specialty types of windows include:

When you want to replace your windows or door, and you have a unique idea in mind, contact Falcon WD to make your dreams a reality.

Premium Windows and Doors in Brampton Add Affordable Value

Replacing windows and doors on your home or property does much more than just adding curb appeal. We can offer savings on premium windows that improve the comfort and security of your loved ones.

As your windows and door installation specialist, Falcon WD knows that replacement doors and windows can significantly increase property resale values. In Brampton, new windows and doors increase property values by an average of $12,000 or more.

If you want to replace windows in Brampton as part of a home renovation, a vinyl replacement window is stylish, energy-efficient, and affordable. Your project can include various window styles like fixed, sliding, or casement windows in Brampton.

History of Vinyl Window Replacement

As Ontario’s preferred window company, Falcon WD recommends installing vinyl windows in many of our customers’ homes today. 

The production of vinyl windows and doors for installation was first seen in the home improvement marketplace in 1979. Vinyl windows and doors were a small section of the door and window replacement market, with wood and aluminum more common.

Falcon WD is your window contractor in Brampton for long-lasting vinyl windows and doors that do not require painting. New innovations in vinyl windows mean that your replacement windows in Brampton are less likely to distort or split.

Vinyl window and door installation requires less maintenance and is proven to last longer than aluminum or wood materials. Because vinyl can be recycled, it’s also a good sustainable choice.

Windows and Doors in Brampton

Replacement Windows and Doors in Brampton to Lower Energy Bills

Falcon WD is an expert in door and window replacement in Brampton. 

Our lab-tested, Energy Star-rated vinyl door and window types can deliver more heat-insulating properties than aluminum or wood. Falcon WD installs replacement windows in Brampton that offer energy-efficient solutions, including:

You can trust us for proper windows and door installation process including front door replacement to reduce energy bills and increase your comfort indoors. If you need an example of when to replace your windows, look for leaks or gaps in your doors and windows.

If you notice this, they aren’t just out of style, but are the reason for your home’s low energy-efficiency. Consider replacement windows or doors for comfort, security, and energy efficiency.

Falcon WD Installs Your Windows and Doors in Brampton

When you need doors or window replacement in Brampton, Falcon WD is your expert door and window contractor. Our friendly customer service team makes shopping for Brampton windows and doors easy and enjoyable.

We believe in our high-quality door and window types and the professionalism of our window and door installation team. Falcon WD is proud to provide our customers with a lifetime guarantee.

Falcon WD also guarantees competitive pricing so that you can save money dealing with our window company. We are there for our customers from the first call to your free quote and the day your windows and doors get replaced in Brampton — you are that important to us!

Contact Falcon WD to have your questions answered and get started with your free estimate today.


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