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Is a Building Permit Necessary When Installing My New Windows?

Find out if you need a building permit for your new windows

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Does your home need replacement windows? Would you like some additional windows for your modified basement? Or perhaps you want to add large windows for your kitchen. It seems like a small project that does not require you to seek a new windows building permit, or does it? Find out below.

A permit is not required for window installation unless you plan to make significant structural or material modifications to your home during the process. single-hung window

To put this another way, if you increase the size of your windows or create new openings, you will need to obtain a permit. But, of course, that also applies if you create new apertures for windows. (These are the same guidelines that are in effect for patio and entry doors.)

That also means you do not need a permit when you are only replacing your old windows with new ones, provided they’re the same size.

The rules are often constant whether you add new windows in Newmarket or Barrie. However, the consequences of not acquiring a permit are also very serious. 

Since you are the homeowner, the law requires that you follow the guidelines your local municipality provides. If you decide not to obtain a building permit, it may result in legal action, which may necessitate expensive delays when the project stalls. Under certain situations, you may even witness the removal of an already completed project, if not almost completed. Therefore, if your windows installation project necessitates a permit, you should get one because the potential consequences are often not worth it.

You may be required to pay a fee when applying for a permit. The amount you may be required to pay gets often determined by the kind and size of the structure on which you will perform the work. These costs will also change based on where you reside.

You only need a permit for window installation if you plan to make structural or material changes to your house during the process.

Do you still have doubts about whether you need a permit for your new windows installation project in the pipeline? Or maybe you are unsure about the type of windows your home needs? Contact us at Falcon Windows and Doors today! We are not only happy to answer your questions, but you will also get a free quote from us about your project.

We have provided below, for your convenience, some links to various permit areas of the towns we get contracted to serve.


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